Thursday 15 September 2011

My Nail Polish Collection - Color Club

Hey my loves and welcome to the first proper post in My Nail Polish Collection series. In this super long series I am going to be showing you all the nail polishes in my collection through pics and paper swatches as well as including link where appropriate to nails of the day posts. As I said in a previous post this has been requested in video format but this is probably the easiest way to do it x
I've decided to start off with quite a new brand for me Color Club, I have to say I hadn't heard of the brand until late last year when it started popping up on You Tube channels and on blogs. I think it's a US brand and I've bought the 3 bottles I have from ebay for a pretty reasonable price. However I know a few people including the lovely Lillian have managed to pick up some Color Club polishes from TK Maxx so it's worth having a look there too x
The 3 colours I have are all pretty much in the same theme, sparkles, glitters and holographic, and I have to say I am super impressed with the colours, application and wearability of the polishes I have, so without further rambling here they are, Oh and don't forget if you click the names of the polishes it will link you to them on my little fingers in a nails of the day post

From left to right - 850 Worth The Risque, 852 Revvvolution, and 859 Fashion Addict

It's so hard to show you on here just how fabulous these colours actually are, the sparkle is amazing, Worth The Risque is an amazing silver holographic a worthy and easier to apply dupe of Gosh Holographic,  859 Fashion Addict is a beautiful lilac shade with lots of holographic sparkle, and as you can see 852 Revvvolution  is a gorgeous dark charcoal shade, again with lots of holographic sparkles

If you love sparkle these polishes are definitely worth a look, I really want to try out some more Color Club polishes so if you have any recommendations please let me know x


  1. I really like Color club polishes too, this one is fab on you x

  2. Oh so pretty! I NEED Fashion Addict and Revvvolution! God holographic polishes are so so cool.

  3. so jealous! want to find them on eBay too! revvolution is a little beauty xx


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