Wednesday 21 September 2011

Budget Beauty Series - Vivo

Unless you've been living under a rock then you'll already have heard of the newest make up brand to hit the blogesphere Vivo. Labelling themselves as the MAC of supermarket make up brands Vivo launched earlier this month. Exclusive to Tesco stores Vivo promises on trend, catwalk inspired products, available in a convenient location and at a bargain price. Big claims indeed from a budget brand but budget beauty is what I'm all about at the moment so I was keen to give the brand a go and even more so when I found out the Vivo line is from the brains behind MUA! The lovely people people from Vivo were kind enough to send me a few items from the range to try, I've had a little chance to have a play with my goodies so I thought I'd let you know what I think :)

First up eyeshadows, Vivo offers a full range of eyeshadows including pearl and matter single shadows that retail for £1.50 each, but they also offer 5 different Trio Eyeshadow Palettes that retail at just £2.50. I was lucky enough to be sent one of these trios in Green With Envy

In a chunky compact, which features a super slim mirror, and a double ended applicator, you get 3 circular shadows

Unsurprisingly given the name, the trio I received features 3 beautiful green colours, a lighter green, a darker green and a very dark blue / green shade, all with a gorgeous shimmer running through them. Apart from the colour the first thing you notice about the shadows is how soft and smooth they are, they literally feel like butter between your fingers. What about pigmentation though? well see for yourself

Good so far but what about on the eyes ? - well on the back of the shadow compact, it gives you full instructions on how to apply all three shades to create a perfect eye look, so that's what I did followed the instructions. First of all pictures taken without the flash you can see more of the actual colours here but less of the almost metallic sheen

Finally some pictures taken with the flash, although these pictures don't show the true colours of the lighter greens, they do show the beautiful shimmery metallic effect of these shadows

I have to say I am really impressed with this shadow trio, the shadows are super smooth, and pigmented and they last! I wore these colours for over 8 hours and whilst there was some fading they were still there at the end of the day. For just £2.50 I have to say these shadows are well worth picking up.

Now, cheek products, I have to say this part of Vivo's inventory really excited me. They really have introduced something for everyone, their cheek product range includes a bronzer, 3 shades of blush and highlighter duos, a highlighter, and baked blushers and bronzers. Yes you heard me baked blushers and bronzers, first up the blushers. OMG after looking a various swatches and pictures of these floating around in cyberspace all I can say is I want!!!

They come in 4 shades and I have to say I don't think there is one I wouldn't love to own. My hearts desire though is Peaches and Cream - why? because it looks to be an almost exact dupe MAC MSF in Stereo Rose I need this!!! At just £4.00 each you really can't afford not to try these and I can't wait to find them and give them a go!

As well as blushers the Vivo baked range also includes 3 different Baked Bronzers, Sunkissed, Bronze and Healthy Glow. The lovely people at Vivo were kind enough to send me one in Healthy Glow. For just £5.00 you get 12g of product. I haven't seen the other shades yet but based on the description you would assume that Healthy Glow is potentially the most natural and it is.

This is a lovely natural toned golden nude coloured bronzer, it does have a little bit of shimmer in as you can see here but it certainly isn't overloaded with shimmer or glitter

I have to say I am scared stiff of bronzers but this one is so light and the tiny bit of shimmer means it's never going to look muddy or flat. You can see it too well here, I've used it one my eyes and cheeks but you can see the glow gives off.

The isn't the most bronze, bronzer you'll ever use and on some people it can probably be used as a highlighter, but on me it really lives up to it's name and give me a healthy glow - another winner x

The final offering in the Vivo baked range are these fabulous looking Baked Shimmer Palettes

In a choice of 3 variations each palette contains one baked blusher, and 4 baked eyeshadows, all for just £6.00 imagine what MAC or Laura Geller would charge for something similar not £6.00 that's for certain - these are definitely on my wishlist too!

It's all very well having pretty colour on your eyes and cheeks but first of all we need to prep our skin and create a flawless base. Vivo have produced a full range of base products including a primer, a concealer kit, face powders, and foundations all for less than £6.00! They very kindly sent me one of there Undereye Roll On Concealers to try.

At just £3.59 for 10g of product this comes in two shades a Light and a Medium. You probably know the theory behind these, the metal roller ball cools and soothes the eyes whilst at the same time, releasing a light reflecting concealer to cover your dark circles

I have to be honest here and say a certain company does an eye gel /serum in this format which I love, but the concealer variant never ever appealed. Never the less this was the perfect opportunity to give it a try and I was very kindly sent the medium shade 2

I have to see I was a bit wary at first would Medium be too dark? I needn't have worried though it really wasn't it seemed to match my skin perfectly, often concealers like this can be too light and give you the reverse panda effect but not with this one

It blended really well and most importantly for the under eye area, it wasn't heavy or cakey I don't have the worst dark circles ever but I actually really like this and the smooth even finish it gave.

I have to say so far so good with Vivo, the products I've tried so far are really pretty impressive especially when you consider the pricing. There really appears to be something for everyone in the line with the cheapest items being just £1.50 and the most expensive £6.00. The line features all the basic products you could need and a few extras too in face the only thing they don't seem to do is nail varnish! I'm certainly going to be heading to my nearest large Tesco store as soon as possible to check out the full range x What do you think ?is anything catching your eye?

(The Vivo Trio Eyeshadow Palette In Green With Envy, The Baked Bronzer In Healthy Glow and The Undereye Roll On Concealer In Medium Were Provided For Review Purposes - All Other Images Come From The Vivo Facebook Page)


  1. Will have to try their eyeshadows and blushes out! Thanks for the review :)


  2. i love the look of these i will definatly be taking a look when im next in tescos :)


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