Thursday 29 September 2011

My Nail Polish Collection - Essie

Hi Guys by the hopeful miracle of scheduled posting I'm back. If you read LouLouLand on a regular basis and especially my nails of the day posts you'll probably have guessed that one of the first Nail Polish Collection posts was going to feature Essie. Whilst digging through my nail polish I've rediscovered Essie in a big way.
I don't have as many Essie polishes as I have for some other polish brands but I'm fairly happy with the ones that I have got. We'll start with the mini bottles, I have to say Essie minis are one of the best mini polishes I've tried and they compare really well to the larger sizes in quality. More often than not they come in boxed sets, but I have picked a few up as magazine freebies. If you click the shade name you should in most cases be able to see a corresponding NOTD post :), if there isn't one and you'd like to see what the shade looks like on my nails let me know and I'll do a post for you x

Now onto the larger sizes, I mainly purchase my Essie from ebay but I have picked up a few bottles on ASOS - I tend to find that the darker shades apply better and last longer. I have a few of the nude and pale neutral shades and I find they tend to look either none existent on the nails or they tend to streak quite a bit, requiring a few coats to show the colour properly.

From left to to right - Mink Muffs, Sew Psyched, and Mint Candy Apple

Again from left to right - Allure, Sexy Divide, and Luscious Lips

and finally Mademoiselle

I have to say I've been pretty impressed with Essie generally my favourite colours out of the 13 I own  are probably Splash of Grenadine, Lapis of Luxury and Sexy Divide. Do you like Essie polishes and if so what are your must have colours?     


  1. These look great, love the shades xx

  2. Wow you have some really great colours! I love lapis of luxury and Sexy Divine :) xx


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