Monday 5 September 2011

Things Are Looking Up At Last

Hey my loves, It's been a busy day but I thought I'd try and get a quick post up for you x
I had a super busy morning filming my monthly favourites video, and taking loads of pictures for upcoming blog posts. This afternoon my mum had her hospital appointment but we went to do a little bit of shopping before we went. My mum bought a few holidays bits in Superdrug and she also got me a few bits, including some nail polish remover, and a couple of the new MUA bits. As I mentioned in my MUA post ( Click here and here to read) the MUA basic line is expanding. They didn't have too much on the stand but I picked up a few bits including some grungy Autumnal nail polish shades.

From L - R - Shade 19 and Shade 23

and I also got one of the new single eyeshadow - Shade 24 - a gorgeous plummy bronze sorry for the slightly blurry swatch x

So after a little look around the shops in my local town and buying a few things for Mummy Lou's birthday, we headed to the ENT unit of our nearest hospital. I have to say me and my mum were a bit apprehensive, there were a few possibilities which weren't exactly positive - note to self never look up symptoms on the internet! She ended up having a pretty thorough check up including having a small camera put up her nose and down into the back of her throat !!! and a thorough ear examination and hearing test. The kind of good news is that her problems have certainly been caused by a viral infection, sorry to be gross but there is a build up of mucus and fluid in her inner ear which caused the severe vertigo attack. This will gradually disperse over the next few months with the aid of a prescription nasal spray. The only downside is she has probably been left with a degree of hearing loss that will only get worse the older she get, so she may need a hearing aid at some point. As nasty as a viral infection is some of the alternatives were a lot worse. She has to see her knee specialist before we go but so we really feel as though a weight has been lifted from our shoulders and we can look forward to our holidays at long last x
I hope you all have a great week, I am certainly looking forward to mine a bit more now, and especially to a better nights sleep xx

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  1. shade 23 polish be my beating heart
    love love love love love it.
    must get my hands on that sexy brown as well. thank you so much for posting xx


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