Thursday 22 September 2011

Scrubbing Up For My Holidays With Acorelle - A Review For My Pure

OK It's less than a week to go to my holidays so I'm starting to get a little bit excited now :) This week I'm going to be reviewing a couple of things that are getting me beach ready - no not a home liposuction system or become a beach babe in a bottle, but a body scrub. Your probably getting sick of me reviewing body and face scrubs but my name is Louise and I'm addicted to scrubbing ;) The scrub in question is part of this months My Pure reviews, it's the Acorelle Skin Care Body Scrub.

I've already tried a few of the Acorelle products (Click here and here to see some reviews) and I have to say I've generally been quite impressed. Acorelle predominantly focus on hair removal and body and skin care related products so it's no surprise that they have a body scrub in their range. Scrubs are an important part of my holiday preparations, before I go on holiday I wax and I fake tan, and scrubs are essential for getting rid of the dead skin that can interfere with hair removal, and make you fake tan streak.

The Acorelle Body Scrub contains a wide variety of  moisturising ingredients such as Royal Jelly, Argan Oil and Beeswax to nourish the skin, as well as containing walnut and apricot kernels to exfoliate the skin.
The product comes in a 200ml tub. The first thing I noticed was the smell. It has quite a distinctive but not unpleasant smell, my mum says it reminds her a bit of tea, but I think it has quite a nutty fragrance, you can really smell the argan oil and also a hint of almonds

The scrub itself has quite a creamy consistency, but you can see the larger grains with in it

When you apply to the skin you also feel a slightly smaller particle in the scrub, it's abrasive but not at all harsh or scratchy. I applied this product on to my damp skin usually while I was in the bath, it massaged on nice and easily without any dragging. It did take a bit of rinsing off but it was well worth it this scrub left my skin feeling super soft and actually quite moisturised not greasy or oily which you sometimes get with scrubs.

I have to say I actually really liked this scrub despite normally preferring sugar and salt scrubs, I found this did the job but it didn't irritate my skin, which will be ideal for when I'm removing hair or when my skin is a bit more sensitive. There is one tiny drawback with it though - it failed Mummy Lou's clean bath test - She hates it when the remnants of body scrubs and so on are left on the bottom of the bath - she's convinced their going to scratch the enamel - as you can see above there are quite a few grains leftover. Never mind I liked it and I can always rinse the bath out ;) Acorelle Skin Care Body Scrub 200ml  retails at £12.99 from My Pure. If you have any questions please leave me a comment xx

(The Acorelle Skin Care Body Scrub 200ml Was Provided By My Pure For Review Purposes)

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  1. Have you ever tried their hair removal cream? i have found absolutely no reviews for it!! none!??? Amazing??


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