Friday 30 September 2011

My MAC Collection - Powder Blushers

Hi Guys
Whilst I'm absent I thought I''d start another series on my blog for you - this time it my MAC collection. I've had a few requests both on here and on You Tube for me to show you my not unsubstantial MAC collection so I thought I'd do it on here. Again it's not to show off etc, etc, it more as a little resource for you and for me.
One of the most populated areas when it comes to MAC is cheek products. I'm splitting this category into 3 Powder Blushers, Cream Cheek Products, and MSF's, Beauty Powders, etc.and kits.
The first one on the list is basic powder blushers - I only own 7 of MAC's basic powder blushers now, I've sold quite a few now but I'm happy with the ones I have, apologies in advance though that some of them are limited edition or have been discontinued blame MAC not me ;)

First up is the only regular blusher that I haven't depotted - Bite Of An Apple from the Venomous Villains Collection - what can I say I am a huge Disney fan!

It's a super bright coral pink colour, very, very different from anything else I own - It gives me a proper Snow White flush in the winter, and it's another product in my holiday make up bag as I'm sure the bright colour will work wonders with a tan.

After being against depotting for a long, long time, the lure of Back 2 MAC eventually got me about 12 months ago and I went on a depotting frenzy- my other 6 powder blushers are in a MAC blush palette, the depotting worked pretty well apart from poor Honour which I had to repress. 

Top Row From Left To Right - Buff, Strada, and Honour

Bottom Row From Left To Right - Tenderling, The Perfect Cheek and Well Dressed

As you can see all these blushers are quite similar I admit it I am a creature of habit I tend to go for the same shades and tones all the time. My favourite blush in this little lot has to be Tenderling a gorgeous nude pink. It did used to be Well Dressed, but then I bought Illamasqua - Katie which is a much more pigmented version of Well Dressed so I tend to use that instead.
So that's my MAC powder blush collection, I do have a few in palettes and Beauty Powder blushers but I'll show you those in a future MAC collection post. What do you think of MAC powder blushers and do you have any recommendations ?


  1. Ooo I have a bit of a blush obsession- my mac palette is on my blog is you want to have a look. I have Honour, Peachykeen, Welldressed, Mocha and Springsheen in it currently xx

  2. Bite Of An Apple is my absolute favourite blush by Mac. Only problem is my skin is incredibly white and I'm always in danger of looking like a clown when I wear it so I have to be incredibly careful when I'm applying it. Not always the best thing first thing in the morning when I'm still half asleep.

  3. I'd really like to try Buff! :) xx

  4. @Computergirl - oh lovely I'll look that up thanks hun x
    @TheHumanWreckage - it is bright isn't it you just need the tiniest touch I wore it an awful lot when I was on holiday - it looks gorgeous with a tan :)
    @LittleMissNawtielicious - you did indeed thank you :) plenty more posts in the series to come
    Ellie - I'm not 100% sure they still do Buff I actually had some trouble tracking it down when I bought it x


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