Saturday 1 October 2011

A Scheduled September Summary

By the miracle of scheduled posting I'm back with my September Summary. September by and large was a good month in LouLouLand, my mums birthday, a couple of positive health things and of course reaching 500 blog followers all helped some of the negativity of previous months just fade away. Added to the fact that I'm currently in hopefully sunny Cyprus now, it wasn't a bad month at all.

Because I went away before September ended I've only counted my monthly spends up until the 28th September and I have to say I think I did really well

NYC Smooch Proof Lipstain - £3.99
Papercraft Inspirations Magazine - £4.99
Total £.8.98
£31.02 Under

I really tried to hone in my spending so I had at least some holiday funds, and I think I managed it. If I had managed to find a few things I was looking for this month i.e magnetized polishes it might have been harder but it wasn't so I'm fairly happy with my September performance. Obviously because of my hols I won't be counting my spends from the end of September onwards but once I get back I will be trying to keep my spending at a sensible level after all it isn't long till Christmas now eek!

I've also only counted this months Trimming My Stash up until 28th September too 

Veet Short Hair Wax Strips With Shea and Berry Mai Pack - 40 Strips

Simply Wax Mini Hair Removal Strips - 28 Strips
Hand Pack Intensive Rejuvenation Rose and Shea Butter - 1 Treatment
Heel Patches Softening Treatment With Aloe Vera - 1 Treatment
OPI Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Oil 15ml
L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 15ml
Elemis Tan Accelerator 125ml
Soap & Glory Sit Tight 200ml
Spa Therapeutic Gel Bath Relax 500g
Clynol Look At Me Dazzle Color & Shine Shampoo 250ml
Bomb Cosmetics Raspberry Blower Ice Cream Body Wash 275g
Total  - 11 Items

I finished quite a few items in the last few days of the month but I have to say I think I could have done a bit better than I have, as per usual I opened a few new things ignoring old things - bad LouLou. Never mind hopefully I can do better next month - I'll be counting all my empties from 28th September till the end of October for next months attempt. I'm anticipating a much better performance despite the fact that I will probably be finishing quite a few mini products, fingers crossed x

So what does October have to offer on LouLouLand? Well I'm planning a few holiday post when I get back including some holiday pics, some nails of the days, some outfit posts and maybe a bit of haulage. I'm also planning quite a few review posts, a product rave, another post in my MAC Collection Series, and maybe another post in my Budget Beauty Series. Not only that though but October will also see the end of the LouLouLand 500 Followers Giveaway !!! Click here to enter for your chance to win loads of goodies including All For Eve, Nails Inc, L'Oreal HIP, MUA, Vivo and much, much more. So that was September and that's whats coming in October. Oh and I've still got a few more scheduled posts for you whilst I'm away including nails from Nars, and Illamasqua, a little recipe, and a focus on Primark Beauty for My Budget Beauty Series, hope you enjoy and I hope you have a great October xx

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