Monday 31 October 2011

Two Nails Of The Days All Thanks To A Lovely Lady

When I got back from holiday I had the arduous task of checking my email, as well as the usual spam, and shopping tempters, I was delighted to receive an email from the lovely Jen Mizzworthy I was lucky enough to win the exclusive Nails Inc polish duo from Fabulous magazine.

The duo contains a fab hot, hot orange called Atomic and a fab hot pink called OMP! hmm not sure what that one stands for lol. Anyways I've had the set for about a week or so now, so I thought I'd do some NOTD's for you.

Atomic is exactly that a super bright orange, it has much less of the red tones of Leighton Perfect To Party and Mavala Elle Orange, this is a much truer orange

I'm still not convinced it's showing up properly in fact it's not - oranges are so hard to capture on my camera but it is such a great colour especially since I still have a bit of a tan left :)
Next up OMP! This is a funny one, not just the strange name but the colour too, in the photograph above and in certain lights it looks pink in the bottle, but on the nails its competely different

See what I mean, on the nails it's a very corally red with only the merest hint of pink

It's still a very pretty colour though but Atomic really is the stand out for me, what do you think


  1. OMP! Stands for Oh My Pink! :) your nails look lovely xxxx

  2. OMP! is a great toe colour, for me anyway! I loved it on my feet this summer :)

  3. LOVE Nails Inc, I have only 2 in my collection so far as they are on the expensive side, I have Duke Street and Elizabeth Street and I adore them both.


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