Friday 28 October 2011

Thank Crunchie It's Friday -An Update and A Haul

I wish I'd never used this post title now I am craving chocolate like you wouldn't believe, but never mind. all in all I'm pretty glad this week is nearly over. It started with a bit of a disaster, a leaky shower, and an inept plumber lead to water dripping through the dinning room ceiling. Thankfully no real damage was done but we were without water for nearly 2 days!!! Then came a dentist appointment and then a medical appointment, more medication and a pile of blood tests, and more investigation needed - fabulous! when will it end! `
Anyway today started pretty iffily we were going to go to the Metro Centre but I felt so lousy we decided to go next week instead. Thankfully I felt a little bit better this afternoon so we decided to pop to a nearby town, to get the rest of my godmothers birthday pressie. The make up was on 3 for 2 in Superdrug so my mum got my godmother something, and she got me the other 2 items. If your in Superdrug definitely check out the GOSH counter, they had a whole basket of items which were half price. I've shown the colour green a lot of love in my recent nail polish posts so I couldn't pass this colour by - it's 567 Metallic Green

I also got this nail polish I saw it when I was in my local chemist the other day and I thought it looked fab

It's the Rimmel Lasting Finish in 500 Disco Ball - it's basically sheer with lots of multi coloured glitter  - If you like colours like this stay tuned to my bit of web space, I'm planning a changing your nail polish post using lots of shades like this one :) I've done some swatches on white paper so you can have a better look :)

So that was all I got apart from some ebay packaging, but I did get a little something in the post

One of the lovely Sinead's new wooden scrabble tile necklaces, I think these are an absolute bargain and I am definitely going to pick up a few as Christmas pressies - Here is a rather demented looking picture of me wearing it  :)

Sweet isn't it - I have quite a busy weekend ahead of me, I am going to my Godmother's birthday party tomorrow, so I will try and get some pictures up maybe an OOTN?, and then it's free listings weekend on ebay so you can expect to see lots more ebay listings over the next day or so, Oh and I have a review to go up tomorrow too - phew Any questions on anything please leave me a comment I love reading them oh and Hevanne please get in touch to claim your giveaway prize x thanks all xx


  1. Damn, I really fancy a Crunchie now too! The metallic green polish looks fab.

    Ellie x

  2. Free listing yeeaahh!! lol! Necklace is gorgeous and great buys :)

  3. Aww Louise, Thank you so much for mentioning me lovely! The necklace looks fab on you and im so so happy that you love it! :)



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