Saturday 8 October 2011

Holiday Finger Nails

I was so pleased to see so many comments on my giveaway post (click here to enter you still have plenty of time the deadline it now extended x ) the question I asked you guys to enter was what you would like to see more of on LouLouLand, two of the main requests so far are more nails posts and some outfits of the day, well my next two holiday posts are going to be right up your street. First of all finger nails or my specifically nails of the days. I have to say I changed my nail polish nearly everyday whilst I was away, a mixture of sand, chlorine and salt water meant my polish just didn't last that long. The saddo in me took colours to coordinate with my evening outfits, you've already seen two of colours I took with me - the coral and pink MUA shades here, but you haven't seen the rest.

First up one of 4 Leighton Denny shades I took with me, Oh La La ;)

Oh La La is a fabulous coral toned red, this one like all the polishes I took is a mini, Leighton Denny minis are 4.6 ml in size, and whilst the brush in my opinion isn't quite as good as the full sized polishes, this is two coats and it actually applied pretty well.

Next up another Leighton Denny polish, the fabulous Off The Hook

Again two coats, this is a beautiful slightly shimmery dark purple, I guess it's no surprise but I love purple nail varnish and therefore I love this :)

This next shade was a bit of a funny one, I always try to take at least one pale or neutral shade so having a look through my polish minis I decided to go for Leighton Denny - Paramount Pink

I was expecting this shade to just be a pale neutral, french manicure esq pink but I was wrong, this colour is so much more than that

As you can see it has a very sheer pale pink base but it has lots and lots and lots of multi coloured glitter / shimmer sparkles in it.

I'm not sure how well you can see this in these pictures but in bright sunlight the sparkle is amazing - I've applied three coats here to achieve a full coverage, but I think I'm going to experiment with this one a bit and try it over other colours to see what effects I'll get - a possible inclusion in my Changing Your Nail Polish Series me thinks

Right that was the Leighton Denny polishes I took, oh sorry that's not quite true Made To Measure didn't make it in one piece, I had some major leakage issues, and being a mini there isn't anything worth using left  :(
Thankfully I always wrap my polishes separately so nothing else was damaged, but I couldn't use it, I've already taken my pictures for my Leighton Denny collection post so you can see it the colour then x

If you read my recent Nars nail polish collection post you'll probably have already guess what the final colour was that I took with me

Yes it was Nars - Orgasm - this is two coats here and it looks exactly how you would expect it to, a perfect combination of peach and gold, exactly like the blusher

Pretty isn't it - a lovely summer colour, the stands out without been too bright or too out there.

So they were my holiday nails of the day, apologies for the often messy paint jobs, the super short nails, and the dry cuticles, the sun and water didn't half dry my nails out, if you have any cuticle moisturising treatment recommendations I would really appreciate it, all the usual suspects just aren't doing it at the moment. What do you think of these colours and what colours are your holiday must haves? Next up some holiday outfits :)

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