Monday 24 October 2011

Nails Of The Day - Go On Then A Bit More Sludge

I said in my last nails of the day post that I was in a bit of autumnal mode, and I'm certainly feeling the post holiday blues now as the tan is starting to fade, and there's water coming through the dining room ceiling - booo, so I thought I'd continue with another murky nail colour for you. Keeping in the khaki type theme Dry Martini by MAC is a sort of  dark, dirty olive green / brown, it's not the most attractive of colours I must admit in fact Mummy Lou kindly described this as a poo colour

Yes I'm sure this one is going to divide opinion why do you think chic or crappy ;)?


  1. I like this nail colour - when it comes to nails I'm usually up for anything hehe :)

  2. I think it needs something to lift it. Maybe a coat of fairly sheer gold glitter or a little gold motif.


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