Tuesday 20 September 2011

Nails Of The Day - Smashed Or Mashed

Hey my loves I thought I'd try and squish in an another nails of the day post for you this week. I'm going to apologise for the length of my nails, so much for having nice nails for my holidays :( every other day lately I've had some form of nail breakage boooo. So that was the smashed in the post title what about the mashed? well it's another apology I'm afraid this gorgeous polish was a limited edition, may I present the beauty that is NARS - Mash!

What an amazing colour this is - a super combination of olive green, gold and black love it, love it - this is two coats x

I really love colours like this on my nails, trouble is they aren't that easy to find, I think I only have one other golden olive shade this time by George at Asda but alas that's been discontinued too :( What do you think of Mash and can you recommend any similar colours?
(ETA Thanks to Bettina at Beauty Swot I may have found a dupe already Butter London - Wallis - definitely one to check out - any more? )

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