Friday 9 September 2011

Warming Up With Whooga

Whether we like it or not we're heading slap bang into Autumn. Yes I know we've hardly had a summer but September officially means the end of summer and the start of that depressing period of the year when the nights close in and the weather gets colder. As much as I love the summer, I do kind of have a soft spot for Autumn, the leaves always look amazing, the air is always crisp and I have to say I love warm and cozy clothes.

I've always been the same I love cardigans, and a cozy jumpers to keep me warm, but up until recently I always had a part of me that just never got warm -my feet. I have always had poor circulation and since I developed ME my feet are permanently like cubes of ice. A few years ago I jumped on the sheepskin boots trend and purchased a pair of Emu's, apart from super thick socks, sheepskin boots are the only things that even make my feet thaw out. I have to say sheepskin boots are the only things I will now wear on my feet in the Spring, Autumn, and even on the drier Winter days. I've purchased stores own sheepskin boots, and Emu's predominantly, Ugg boots have always been way out of my price range, however if you love your sheepskin boots there is a new kid in town, Whooga!

I was first contacted by Whooga late last year, but recently they contacted me again to see if I would be willing to review a pair of their boots for you guys on LouLouLand. Of course I agreed - I was very interested to see how these boots compared to the one I've already tried.

A few days later I received a huge and beautifully wrapped parcel containing a pair of ClassicTall Whooga Boots in Chocolate - I have to say I squealed a little bit I really was like a child at Christmas and couldn't wait to get them on my feet.

These beautiful boots are made from hand stitched Grade A twin faced merino sheepskin, using Whoogas exclusive ThermoFleece technology their boots possess a thicker sheepskin lining than their competitors making them more supportive and comfortable for your heels and your ankles -which is exactly what I need in my footwear after my little tumble earlier in the year. The Thermo Fleece technology also means that the air will circulate better through boots, making sure that our feet stay warm and cosy but not sweaty and damp.
The lining in my boots like most others in the Whooga range matches the colour of the boot, as well as being more practical and looking cleaner for longer, I also think it gives the boots a more stylish finish.

As well as the increased support due to the ThermoFleece technology, Whooga boots also feature a reinforced suede heel area which features the Whooga logo, it's not just a great place for a logo this reinforcement also provided the best possible support for the heels and the ankles - again a real essential for me since my accident

OK, so they are designed for maximum foot comfort but what about durability, Whooga boots are made to be worn, the sheepskin that goes into a Whooga boots is designed to increase their resistance to tears or punctures, added to that they have a lightweight but durable, high grip molded rubber sole to make the boots sturdy and long lasting.

Now you know a bit more about the boots themselves, what do I think? first of some slightly posed pictures

I am wearing
Tall Chocolate Sheepskin Boots - Whooga
Indigo Denim Jeggings -Dorothy Perkins
Long White T-Shirt - H! By Henry Holland at Debenhams
Chunky Bronw Cardigan / Coatigan - Primark
Wooden Bead Necklace - Somewhere in  Majorca

Well, I have to say I'm in love seriously these boots are like wearing slippers whilst walking on a fluffy cloud, they are that comfortable. The lining is super soft against your bare feet, but unlike some of the other boots I have my feet didn't sweat even after wearing them for 5 hours non stop. At the same time though whilst being super comfortable they were in fact still supportive, the sole and the back of the boot encased the foot so your foot felt straight, supported and safe. This is evident when you look at the boots themselves, they stand up of their accord unlike some inferior boots which fold oven and eventually collapse around the heel area.
I have to say I thoroughly recommed the Whooga brand of sheepskin boots, yes I was sent them but I have to say they are the most comfortable pair of boots in this style that I have owned. They really are a super quality item, that are a real must for this time of time of year. The Classic Tall Boot comes in a choice of 7 colours and normally retails for £135 but they currently have a special offer where you can pick up a pair for just £79. You can also get a Metallic Tall Boot  which comes in two shades and have a metallic finish for £85. If the tall boots aren't you thing, you can also get the boots in short and mini lengths. Please check out the Whooga website for more information. Any questions please leave me a comment x  

(The Tall Sheepskin Boots In Chocolate Were Supplies By Whooga For Review Purposes)


  1. These look lovely for winter and they look so snuggly! :)

  2. These look so comfy. I like that they won't fold over too, i hate it when cheaper boots fold over and you end up walking on the sides of the boots.

  3. oh wow, this photos made me really appreciate on how tall you are! woah xx


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