Monday 27 June 2011

Sunny Monday

Afternoon everyone x I hope you have had an amazing weekend Jasper as you can see thoroughly enjoyed lying in the sunshine, I don't know how he does it with all that fur, maybe it keeps him cool somehow? My weekend I have to say wasn't too great I had a bit of a nasty tummy bug which seems to have passed right through my family :( Nevermind I'm feeling a bit better now and I managed to lose 2 lbs this week so it wasn't all bad. I'm going on a bit of a roadtrip tomorrow with my mum and my godmother - we are heading to a local museum which happens to be currently hosting an exhibition of Vivienne Westwood's shoe designs - I'll hopefully tell you more about it later in the week but I'm really looking forward to it x I'm also planning to do a few review posts, my monthly roundup, and maybe a little haul this week, and tomorrow I'll start the week off properly with a nails of the day for you.
 I just want to say a huge thanks to you all for keeping the faith and following and a big hi to all my new followers I really do appreciate every single one of you, and yes I will be hosting a special giveaway when I reach 500 followers x I am now away to unplug my laptop as we are currently in the middle of a horrid thunderstorm, I knew the sun wouldn't last ! See you soon xx

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  1. Aww you cat is so beautiful! I love ginger kitties :) Sorry you've not been well. I'm waiting for a storm to hit, it's still boiling and it's killing me!


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