Monday 20 June 2011

Monday, Monday

Hey my loves hope you all had a fabulous weekend mine wasn't up to much if I'm been honest, so I've decided to start the week in a positive fashion. I've decided to call the end to my weekly goods and bads posts, to be honest I am sick of even looking at or thinking about negative things. Maybe this isn't just a blog change, maybe it's a lifestyle change - I really spend to much of my life think of bad things. Instead Monday's on my blog are going to be a positive thing, a look forward to the week ahead and what you can expect to see on my blog oover the next 7 days.
My main posts on LouLouLand this week are going to focus on our hands, I have a review of a fabulous hand care product coming up, and the first part in my change your nail polish series. I have no hauls planned, except if my H&M order ever comes <rollseyes> this week is focused on making money - I spent a lot of the weekend listing on ebay ( click here to see my listings) and there are still a few bits in my blog sale which must go!

Anyways I'm going to watch the tennis and in particular Rafa ;) I might even have some strawberries and cream, just a little you understand I'm still on my diet and dropped another pound this week :) So I hope you all have a good week, adn I hope you keep popping back to LouLouLand xxx

(Pics borrowed from we heart it )

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  1. Aww, I love your blog! :)
    I think its great your going to do a positive post on Mondays from now on :D

    Haha, i'm still waiting for a H&M order from three months ago! it's crazy.

    I look forward to your posts you've got coming up this week :)



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