Saturday 18 June 2011

Bargain and Voucher Hauling - Primark, Poundland, Sleek and MUA Professional

Hi my loves - sorry this post is a lttle later than I planned but I felt so awful yesterday after my shopping trip that I really had trouble stringing a sentence together, pain is an awful thing :( Anyway I feel a bit better today, precisely no activity, lots of rest, and plenty of painkillers has brought me back to some semblance of reality. Anyways on with the show - on Thursday me and Mummy Lou popped to the Metro Centre it was just for a little look and really for me to use my birthday vouchers up - I don't know about you but I hate having vouchers floating around I need to spend them asap! So with a gift card in my possession we headed through the hallowed doors of Primark ;) I could have bought quite a few bits but I was good and focused on just using my voucher - first up I got this petrol blue dress

made of a chiffon type fabric, it features an attached vest on the top half and buttons which go as far as the waist, and it also features a tan plaited belt

I also popped a couple of rings into my basket - first up this turquoise effect stone in a large silver toned filigree setting

and this turquoise effect stone in a gold tone setting

I also picked some more of my favourite hair bobbles, this time in the brown / beige tone, they also do a bright pack too :)

That little lot came to just £20.50, just 50p more than my voucher - bargain :)

Next up Poundland and Pound World - I'm not snob you have to love a bit of pound shop hauling and I certainly did that first up two eyeshadows - the first is a Rimmel U Rock Cream Eyeshadow Trio in 700 Zest

and secondly a Me Me Me powder eyeshadow in Argent a gorgeous silver x

I also got this gorgeous purple satin flower hairband too I can't believe it was only £1!!

I also had a flick through the CD's and found a whole loads of the Now That's What I Call Music albums for just £1.00 each - it says they could potentially be reconditioned second albums but it's will worth a look, all of mine are from around 2002/3 cue lots of reminiscing lol

So that was my pound shop haul £6 for lots of goodies :) If you've managed to pick up a copy of this months Instyle magazine you'll know that there is a free £5.00 Body Shop gift card enclosed - well I spent mine on Thursday purchasing the detangling mist to go with the shampoo I reviewed from the Rainforest range -I've only managed to try it once but it smells gorgeous and so fruity

I only needed to pay £1 extra so another bargain :) Next up something that was technically free, well not really but it felt as though it was - a little while ago I placed a little New Look order and in the order I got a pair of earrings, but the minute I picked them up one fell to pieces so I complained via email and was told the best and cheapest way was to return them in store, so that's what I did - I love these so much I have a few pairs of similar ones but I love the daisy design

Next up something from Superdrug that my lovely Mummy bought me :) The Sleek Oh So Special Palette

I was under the impression that this wasn't going to be available in the UK but a few eagle eyed ladies have managed to spot it and I picked up the last one

It's a proper neutral palette with a mixture of mattes and shimmers - some swatches for you x

I am so happy to get this one I have fallen back in love with my Sleek palettes again they are soooo pigmented even if the price has gone up a little x

Finally a little parcel also from Superdrug and yes it's also on the budget theme - I got 2 eyeshadow palettes from the MUA Professional range, each featuring 12 eye shades. I got Heaven and Earth - the browns and neutrals

and Starry Night which features purples, lilacs, greys and silvers

I am going to feature these palettes in my upcoming MUA post in my Budget Beauty Series, so keep checking back for a review and some swatches x
So that was my little lot - any questions please let me know xx


  1. I love Poundland for their makeup bargains. The other day I got a Maybelline nail varnish from there for £1, bargain! :)

    I love the earrings as well very pretty.

  2. It's the first time I've really looked at the make up they had lots of Rimmel and some Revlon, NYC and Maybelline nail polishes
    Thanks on the the earrings too I am so glad I got it sorted x

  3. Great Haul- Love the MUA pallettes and rings! xxx


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