Tuesday 28 June 2011

Nails Of The Day - Not Like The Movies

Well with this polish you don't need the movies, OK I maybe exaggerating a tad but this is one pretty polish that I could certainly watch for at least some of the day. OPI Not Like The Movies (click the link to see more greener pics) was released as part of the Katy Perry collection, and I have to say it's beautiful. I love polishes like this and Illamasqua Bacterium, and Orly Space Cadet that look different depending on how you move your hands. Not Like The Movies looks quite green in the bottle but depending on the light it can turn to silver or pewter in tone, or green with pink shimmer and flashes. I've tried to capture just some of the shades that you can get with this polish here by taking some of the pictures in different lights

What do you think? Personally I love this and I'm so glad I picked it up, it looking a gorgeous shimmery
green on my nails at the moment which is beautiful in the sunshine x Any questions please ask x

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  1. Oooh it's a beautiful colour! I have a polish from Wet n Wild which is meant to be a cheap dupe of this but I haven't tried it yet so I'm not sure how it stands up :)


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