Thursday 16 June 2011

Very Small Top Shop Haul x

Yes I know, another haul from me but it's just a tiny two items, and one freebie x Ever since I saw this post on Jo's blog I've been hankering after the Top Shop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels. I've checked in store and online religiously, and then last week it appeared - I placed a little order for it and something else Bad LouLou.
The swatches and pictures of the blusher made it look very peachy where as in real life I've found it to be much more of a coral pink shade

It's still super pretty though and I can see myself using it a lot especially during the summer months, if I haven't already missed summer that is ;)

Next up something I have to say you will either love or hate but given my love for Ms Hepburn and our furry feline friends I had to get this t-shirt

A few people I know think it's a bit freaky but I love it - It's bu Pets Rock and you can get all sorts of other animals and celebs :)

In my parcel I also got this absolutely huge tote bag for free - I know they did have an offer on but it was still a surprise when it came through as it had never mention anything on my invoice - still I am glad to have it x It's a great size for going to the Post Office or popping to the supermarket x

So that was my very tiny haul - I will be back tomorrow with my haulings from today's trip to the Metro Centre don't worry though it's nearly all voucher purchases and bargain buys. Any questions please ask xx


  1. Oh that looks really different from mine Lou. Hmmmm... wonder if they changed it.

    Oh by the way, I need to re-add you on bbm! I lost all my contacts haha.

  2. It's doesn't does it it's still pretty but your looked much more peach x I never noticed you'd gone on bbm to be honest lol

  3. I love the blush, soooo pretty!

  4. That blush is gorgeous! Great swatch.


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