Tuesday 7 June 2011

My Nails Inc Prize :)

If you follow me on twitter or if you've been following my recent posts you'll know that I recently won a prize :) As you know I love my discount cosmetics websites and one of my recent discoveries is Raven Cosmetics, a UK based site they sell all sorts of discount cosmetics including China Glaze, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Nails Inc and more. I recently entered a giveaway on their facebook page and I was lucky enough to win :). My prize was 6 full sized Nails Inc Nail Polishes and a file :)

First up I got a set containing 4 polishes from Left to Right - Seven Dials - a gorgeous jade / turquoise, Brook Street - a summery coral / pink, Halkin Street - a dark indigo blue/purple, and Whitehall - a French creamy / white.

and I also got two separate polishes - Tate - a gorgeous dark red (unfortunately I already own this one but keep checking out my blog to find out what I'm going to do with this one :) hint hint ;) and Whitechapel - a shimmery French white and a Nails Inc file

Swatches in order mentioned (I swatched my Tate this one is unopened hint hint ;)

I am so happy with my prize - such gorgeous wearable colours and only one which I already have which is amazing considering how many Nails Inc colours I own  :) a huge thanks to Nadia and everyone at Raven Cosmetics :)


  1. You're so lucky! I never win anything!:( haha!!
    great post xxx

  2. These are gorgeous colours Louise!Can you do some swatches on your nails?
    Happy day!

  3. @Jessica - keep entering things that's the key xx
    @Ria - thanks lovely x I will certainly does some nail swatches for you xx

  4. ooo some lovely colours. look forward to seeing some swatches of them. x


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