Saturday 11 June 2011

One Little Incident and Everything's Ruined

OK I did promise you a review next and I promise from the bottom of my little tootsies that I will do it tomorrow but If you follow me on twitter you'll know that on Friday I had a little bit of a crisis, as well as a really mean comment on You Tube, my beloved Fuji bridge camera bit the dust. I mentioned a few weeks ago that the battery compartment wouldn't close after one of the little lugs snapped off well on Friday the other one snapped, cue a very tearful LouLou - no camera = no blogging and no ebaying!!! So my mum agreed to pay half on a new cheaper camera. I went for this Samsung one, and a case and a 4GB card in the end ( I always seem to lose memory cards) and so far so good all the pics in this post were taken on it bit it's still a work in progress as I learn how to get the best from it. Ultimately I will try to get my Fuji fixed but I really can't be without a camera at the moment.
So why pray is every thing ruined - well once I'd paid for half a camera my monthly spends went a little through the roof so I did what any self respecting shopaholic would and went to Superdrug :)
I have to say nearly all the bits in my basket are to go towards my Budget Beauty Series so all is good I guess ;) No swatches on any of these products at the mo, they will be coming soon x
First up 2True - 3 products for just £4.99 automatically appealed  especially since my Godmother had slipped me £5 to treat myself :)so I added a few bits to my basket, including a purple and gold eyeshadow duo - No.9

a lipstick in No. 3 a gorgeous shimmery pink / mauve

and the nails varnish I've seen on a lot of blogs the Chanel Paradoxal dupe No.46

I also got another Beauty UK lipstick in No3 Snob, a lovely pink shade

I don't know what it is lately but every time you go to a till your always offered something extra or something that's discounted, well this time it was a full size Original Source Tea Tree and Lemon Shower Gel for just 89p I have to say this smells gorgeous so fresh and zingy

I also popped into Home Bargains for some Pepsi Max - 39p a bottle!!! as opposed to £1 plus everywhere else and I popped a few beauty bits into my basket - including some Scunci Bobby Pins

and these two interesting packets - first up a Rose and Shea Hand Pack -Made in Korea I think what this is, is gloves that are impregnated with collagen and vitamins, you put them on for 20 minutes and your hands are left feeling super soft -  my hands are awfully dry at the moment so I can't wait to try these out.

I also got a packet called Straight Stuff Hair Repairing Kit. You get 3 treatments in each pack - each treatment basically contains 2 sachets, one wheatgerm conditioner, and one straightening pack which contains avocado and coconut oil. I always love trying new things and can't wait to give these ago, especially since each packet was less than a £1!!
So that's it my spending diet is officially screwed for another month, hmm and I'm going to the Metro Centre next week oh hell ! I am going to try and keep myself reigned in -I never expected my camera to break completely why do we always get unexpected expenditure- grr. Any questions please let me know xx


  1. I'm sorry you've had such a crappy time lately, that youtube comment was so rude. Great haul, the 2True shadow looks gorgeous!

  2. Great Haul- don't feel guilty about going over your spending budget- at least you got things you wanted! xx


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