Wednesday 8 June 2011

US Nail Polish Haul and a GOSH Holographic Dupe ?

Greetings my loves
You know the drill - I've already mentioned that I was waiting for a few parcels to come from US ebay that I ordered last month well they've all came through now - hurray :)
The contents of every parcel was nail polish :) - First up something I first saw on Nicole's blog - Although I have GOSH Holographic which I love, it has been discontinued now and I know some people are looking for dupes so I thought I'd give this one a go. The polish is Color Club - 850 Worth The Risque

a silver holographic polish it certainly looks the part in the bottle but how does it perform?

Well pretty well, I certainly had no application issues with this at all it applied really smoothly and 2 coats was enough for full coverage - is it the same as GOSH Holographic ? well I don't think it's quite as sparkly but if you can't manage to get your hands on the GOSH without shelling out major funds this is a good option, I paid just £4.58 for the polish and it's safe passage from New York to my home in the UK x


Next up another sparkly, shimmery number. I recently watched Fleur De Force's May Favourites Video and in the video she mentioned a nail polish Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Turquoise Opal, it was love at first sight! so I headed to ebay to have a looksie alas $24 appeared to be the going rate for this beauty so I got one of the cheaper but still beautiful options 08 Amber Ruby

It's a gorgeous bronze / copper colour with shades of yellow, green and red flashing through it.You can't see the flashes to well but you can see how it changes in the light - Before Without Flash

After With Flash

Gorgeous - and yet another product we can't get in the UK :( 
Finally two polishes from a US brand that I really do love Milani - If you've read my blog for while you'll know that I am a real fan of the Milani Holographic polishes so I had a little look on ebay and I thought I'd try a couple of their other polishes from my wishlist - first up a colour from their Bare range  821 Bare in Mind

The colour of this isn't really anything special it's just a good wearable pink / nude with a tiny bit of shimmer shot through. I love colours like these they are really good for everyday wear.
Next up I got a shade from their Nail Flash range - 847 Photo Flash

This is gorgeous a great pink /red with all sorts of shimmer and glitter shot through which alas my camera isn't doing justice :(

2 coats of each swatched on white paper

I hope you have found this little haul useful - there really are some gorgeous colours and polishes in US Drugstore brands that we simply can't get over here - booo - I am going to try and do a few NOTD of all my new polishes so you can have a better look x Any questions please let me know x


  1. I love the red Milani and the nail prisms! Also the Color Club is lovely, holographic polishes are my favourite.

  2. oooh yay, are these the ones we spoke about before? the packages you were waiting on? the prisms one is soooo pretty!

    Aw thanks for the shout out hun!
    I found that Gosh holo is more holographic, blindingly obvious, the colour club not so much but still pretty. CC lasts way longer though and is much easier to work with.
    The red miliani one is lovely x

  3. @Lillian - I love Holo polishes too :)
    @Nicole - no probs my lovely I am happy to be enabled :) yes these are the ones I was talkign about :)


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