Wednesday 15 July 2009

Illness Update - Oink


Well the picture says it all really doesn't it. As you know I have been feeling really unwell for the past few days with a sore throat, chest pains, and a high temperature. My mum was getting a bit concerned so I rang my GP yesterday who confirmed I had suspected swine flu :( Cue loads of hassle and my mum and various relatives trekking round the region to get my Tamiflu. I am bit argh at the moment but I am heartend by the fact that the majority cases are mild - so I am getting plenty of rest, knocking back lots of fluids and paracetamols. I am sure I will be fine though if in doubt though ring your GP I waited a little bit too long to do it - better be safe than sorry
Just some information for UK bloggers - Swine Flu Information take care peeps - I'll try and get back later with a clothes haul post xx


  1. oh my life!!!
    I really hope you get well soon!!
    Lu x

  2. Thanks Lucy - I could really have done without this :(

  3. I hope you get well soon :) x

  4. Awww you poor thing, its really starting to spread round now isn't it. I hope the tablets kick in soon x

  5. Sorry to hear this hun, hope you feel better soon xx

  6. Oh Lou, hope you feel better soon xx


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