Friday 10 July 2009

Don't Change Cheryl

I read this today and its really got my goat - we should be proud of our accents mine is the same as Cheryl's and I am forever been told how great it is -don't change Cheryl stay true to who you are

Americans baffled by Cheryl Cole's Geordie accent


  1. I know it's silly isn't it, why the hell should she change her accent, i love the geordie accent!!! x

  2. LOL Thanks - it can sound a bit common especially when its on Jeremy Kyle or something lol but I love mine and when I worked for HMRC I spoke to customers from all over the world and they loved it - that why we have so many call centres up here - people like it :)

  3. i love regional accents i think its silly when people get ashamed of it and try and hide it! i love my west midlands accent!!
    ive tagged you over on my blog :)
    Lu x


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