Sunday 19 July 2009

I'm Getting There - Happiness Well Nearly

Well the big plus today is that I have finished my Tamiflu thank goodness -this stuff nearly made me feel as bad as the dreaded lurgy is/did. I am still feeling pretty weary so I am going to try and have an easy week.
Thinking of pigs whilst reading my Miss Piggy book I was reminded of this pic which always makes me smile - It's Miss Piggy wearing Prada for a promotion at Paris department store Colette enjoy x

Another thing that has made me smile today is discovering a new blog - today I discovered Amanda's Sunshine after seeing alink on Reaching for the Stars blog. Amanda is currently holding a super blog giveaway so don't forget to check her out x


  1. Aw I've just seen that you've got the dreaded swine flu!At least you've got it over with though so hopefully you wont get it later in the year when it will be apparantly worse. Hope you're feeling 100% soon and have lots of magazines to read! xxx

  2. Thanks for the kind words xx


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