Friday 10 July 2009



This Nails Inc kit from QVC accidentally fell into my basket 7 pieces for less than £25-what gorgeous colours - not feeling well is dangerous I've already placed a huge MAC order earlier on due to the early online launch of Colour Craft and Naked Honey -I am a hopeless case its official


  1. Ooh love them mate. Especially the blue. Go well with my everton top :-p
    What you get from C.C
    Im umming and arring over what to get. Think im going to get natural flare MES. Because them colours make blue eyes stand out. Also Smooth Merge and cheeky bronze MSF, along with the 266 brush. Was going to get tripple MSF. But already have redhead msf. And its meant to be like that. So pointless me getting it really. So Im goin to try out their blot powder instead of getting the tripple msf. Will prob get more use out of it xx

  2. I have gone for a few bits :) triple fusion and porcelain pink MSFs, the 226 brush, and odd bits eyeshadow - I got a few bits of permanent stuff too- I've been a very. very bad LouLou

  3. Tut tut naughty Lou!! The nail colours are soo pretty though! x


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