Monday 27 July 2009

Nails Inc Nail Polish £1 !!!!

There was an offer in Sunday's News of the Word newspapers free magazine Fabulous to get a bottle of Nails Inc Nail Polish normally worth £10.50 for just £1 and the good news is you didn't have to buy the newspaper to get the offer (thank goodness I hate Sunday rag mags). Simply click here Nails Inc Fabulous
choose your polish, and checkout using the discount code FABNA0709. Get in there quick though I believe the offer ends this Tuesday.
Oh and for your information I got Motcomb Street - a nice navy blue :D and I added a Vitamin E Nail Oil Pen for no extra postage cost :) x


  1. Thanks Lou! Just clicked the link though and the site is down :( Will keep trying!


  2. It took me all of yesterday to get it keep trying :)

  3. Yay just got through thanks so much for code :)

    I got the ruby red one - cant remember the name of it now!

  4. Boo the sites down. I've only got one nails inc polish and wasn't that impressed with it, but for £1 i'll give it another go. Thanks lou x


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