Monday 13 July 2009

Urban Outfitters Haul + More Good News

Ok as you know my spending diet has gone out of the window this month so expect a few haul posts over the next week at least
First of all I placed a little Urban Outfitters order which came this morning
A little bit naff maybe but I've wanted a nice letter L for my room for sometime now. This wooden one was only £5 and it tones in perfectly with my room :)


A fab grey Hello Kitty t-shirt - I am veggie I love Hello Kitty there is nothing else to say :)


Finally Miss Piggy's The Diva Code - I love Miss Piggy and I thought this might be fun especially since it was in the sale :)

Oh and more big news today I have lost another 3lbs this week - probably because I haven't been eating much due to being unwell but even so I am really chuffed 3lbs more and I've lost a stone :)

More later on today x


  1. Love the letter, where did you get it from hun? FB message me as always miss the comments xx

  2. Duh, just re-read, Urban Outfitters? x


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