Saturday 11 July 2009

I Wouldn't Say I'm Clumsy But...


I have had a pretty destructive few days I wouldn't say I was overtly rough or careless with my products but I seem to be breaking a lot of things at the moment - is it me or is the packaging of a lot of cosmetic products just not that great anymore. In the last few days I have snapped the lids off a Prestige bronzer compact, a Models Prefer concealer pot , and a Laura Geller Balance and Brighten compact! I have also broke a Creme De La Mer The Lotion Pump and a Smashbox Primer Pump. Thankfully I can still use all the products one way or another but it is just me who this happens too or is this a common problem with packaging these days

Eek maybe whatever virus I have got has given me super strength lol - hmm it seems to have sapped it from everywhere else though - I'm feeling a little better than yesterday but still not great I am going to leave it till Monday now and ring my own GP then if I am still not feeling great :(

Oh and another thing huge thanks to my new followers I really appreciate it - I will be holding a little contest when I get to 50 followers so keep checking back, huge thanks again xx


  1. Oh! That is so typical! It also happens to me. I guess it is only a phase. I always think it is someone thinking of me the moment I drop something... People say that here!

  2. I hate doing this - why is it always the most expensive things that break too! I wanted to get some rubbing alcohol and fix it but I never got round to it - I didn't know where to buy the stuff either! x


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