Friday 3 July 2009

An Admission

OK I have decided to be completely honest with you I have already gone over my July spending diet amount :(. I had already placed an ELF order before I went shopping yesterday leaving my total severely diminished before I'd even hit real shops. Despite a generous financial contribution from my mum I still went a tiny bit mad, believe me it could have been much worse though. Well then i get home and find out that MAC Colour Craft will be launches along with Naked Honey later this month rather than in August -Argh. So here is what I've decided to do - I will make my planned purchases from MAC and ELF studio when their new launches come out and I may place a small Avon order (I need more Perceive body spray) Other than that zilch.. I am going to buy nothing else. I feel about disappointed about and I feel as though I have let myself down but if I try and stick to that and don't buy anything else bar these bits I will feel a bit more positive - pics of my buys for yesterday coming up later


  1. You have to allow yourself treats every now and again ;), as long as you stick within your limits you'll be fine. Loving the blog background!! xx


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