Monday 24 December 2012

So Here It Is Merry Christmas

I'd just to like to wish all my followers both old and new a very Merry Christmas x If you don't celebrate Christmas then I hope you have a very enjoyable and peaceful break anyways x I've taken a couple of pics of my day - We've never stopped all day cleaning and cooking so now we're now having some mulled wine, and some canapes and watching The Muppet Christmas Carol :) These pics probably sum up Christmas Eve for me - the tree, and house all decorated and tidy, Christmas baking and a mountain of homemade gluten free mince pies, and of course new Christmas Pyjamas.

So I hope you have an amazing day tomorrow and that you get everything that you've wanted. Sometimes Christmas though isn't the happiest time for whatever reason, just because it's a special day it doesn't always mean that our problems go away so if your feeling alone or helpless this Christmas please look at this post from the lovely Kellie aka Big Fashionista which will hopefully point you in the right direction, and show you that somebody really does care xx

Merry Christmas To You All xx

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  1. Omg you so amazing. You give away is awesome. I love you


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