Monday 31 December 2012

Looking Back At 2012 And A December Review

As 2012 draws to a close, it's time to look back not only at the year as whole but also on the month of December.

It's been a rough year for me in many ways, my health problems have continued to worsen, and obviously my Godmothers illness have all lead to me experiencing a bit of a downward spiral in my life. I've tried my best to put on a brave face both on twitter and on my blog, but I know that I haven't always been that successful with one so basically what I want to say is thank you for sticking with me and my blog throughout 2012.

In January of this year I set myself two major targets, one to curb my spending and the other to try and use up some of my rather substantial make up, face things, and bath and body products. Every month I've been documenting my spending and the products I've used up but how have I really done?

We'll we start with Trimming My Stash and a little look at the products that I managed to finish in December.

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse Foundation - 30ml - Light
Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream Velvet Rose & Essential Oils 135ml
Living Nature Gentle Make Up Remover 100ml
Primark Beauty Oil Balancing Wipes With Tea Tree - 25 Wipes
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural - Light - 10g
Revlon Colour Burst Lipstick - 070 Soft Nude
ELF Studio Blush - Peachykeen - 2.75g
Taaj Eau Micellaire De' L Himalaya Purifying And Revitalising Make Up Remover 100ml
Next Spiced Ginger Body Polish 100ml
n-spa Indulgent Hot Butter Fudge Bath Syrup 100ml
Alva Naturkosmetik Foot Care Anti Callous Balsam 30ml
Total - 11 Items

Again a nice mixture of products including some body products, some skincare, and of course the make up items that allowed me to finish Project 10 Pan.

So now we've got Decembers total just how many beauty products have I finished in 2012, well here is the rundown.

December - 11 Items
November - 11 Items
October - 12 Items
September - 11 Items
August - 9 Items
July - 13 Items
June - 4 Items
May - 5 Items
April - 6 Items
March - 10 Items
February - 6 Items
January - 11 Items
Total -  109 Items

Yeah I finished 109 items in 2012, I'm down again on last years total of 129 items, and way down 2010's total of 182 items, but overall I'm still pretty pleased with my years work. You have to bear in mind that I didn't go on holiday this year which meant I used less mini items and travel sized toiletries, so getting into 3 figures again was a job well done.

I will be continuing to trim my stash in 2013 partly to make up for the 15 or so bottles of bubble bath and shower gel that I got for Christmas and I have since ordered in the sales eek! I'm going to do it a little bit differently in 2013 though Trimming My Stash is going to get a post all of it's own every month, where I'm not only going to show you not only what I've finished but I'm also going to do a mini review on each of the products for you :) Speaking of Project 10 Pan I'm also planning to maybe do a bath and body care version, and maybe a nail polish no buy -we'll see though as 2013 progresses

My other major aim of 2012 as it is every year, was to try and cut down on my spending, I set myself a £40 limit every month this year and I have to see without a doubt yet again it's been a resounding failure. Let's start off by seeing how December's attempt added to the over all feeling of gloom and failure

Double Star Necklace - ebay - £1.29
Next Military Style Shell Top - £22.00
Multi Coloured Spike Earrings - Claires - £4.00
Red Magazine - £3.90
2012 Diary - Poundland- £1.00
Soap & Glory Best Of All Set - £27.00
Navy Blue Maxi Skirt - ebay - £7.48
Spike Necklace - ebay - £1.89
Leopard Scarf - ebay - £1.37
Gold Tone and Crystal Bracelet - ebay £1.56
H&M Bow Toiletry Bag - £4.99
H&M Stud Collar Blouse - £24.99
W7 Nail Polish - Moondust - £7.99
Short Black Pleated Skirt - ebay - £5.97
Primark Haul - £7.00
Magazines - £7.70
Silver Tone Heat Necklace - ebay - 99p
Top Shop Haul - £34.00
Total -  £165.12 
£125.12 Over !!

Yup that was a pretty big fail that probably summed up the whole year for me, here is the rest of my spending haul of shame

December - £165.12 - £125.12 Over
November - £29.89 - £10.11 Under :)
October - £55.23 - £15.23 Over
September - £54.20 - £14.20 Over
August - £82.76 - £42.76 Over!!!
July - £81.69 - £41.69 Over!!
June - £92.85 - £52.85 Over!!!
May - £17.72 - £22.28 Under :D
April - £104.24 - £64.24 Over
March - £81.66 - £41.66 Over !!!
February - £41.07 - £1.07 Over
January - £206.92 - £166.92 Over !!!

There are some pretty sorry figures there aren't they I only managed to stay under my limit for 2 of the 12 months. My usual shopping triggers kicked in big style this year, feeling sorry for myself and general stress. I'm not proud of this by any stretch of the imagination but I'm counteracting it in my own head, by reminding myself that I recaptured an awful lot of this by blog sales, and of course by flogging some of my designer diva clothes and accessories on ebay. Am I going to continue with this in 2013, despite my total failure this year most definitely. January will be a bit of a fail as I still have lots of Christmas money to spend and I have some sale things coming, but from February onwards I hoping a new more thrifty LouLou will emerge - well I can live in hope anyways.

So thanks again for sticking with me in 2012, I don't know what 2013 has to offer, but I'm pleased that your all there to help me through it. I'll see next year (ha ha aka tomorrow!) with a post on what you look forward to reading on LouLouLand in 2013. In the meantime don't forget about my blog giveaway and my You Tube giveaway both of which end tomorrow. Till then I hope you have a very safe and enjoyable New Years Eve xx

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  1. Well done on finishing so many products! I find it gets harder as time goes on (when I started I had so many nearly finished products) but it's still so satisfying. Really hope 2013 will be a better year for both you and your Godmother x


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