Thursday 6 December 2012

Get You Legs Out With Tights Please

If official, it's winter time. We've had quite a few snow showers up north over the last week or so and the temperatures have started to fall below freezing at night brrrr. So I've raided my drawers and pulled out some of my more wintry attire - my hats, scarves, gloves, earmuffs and my tights!

Tights I here you cry, yes the humble pair of tights. I know you can wear tights all year round and I often do for nights out or with dresses and skirts but it's in the winter months that I really show them the love, wearing them with skirts and dresses and even under my jeans or my trousers when it's really cold. I'm a bit boring to be honest when it comes to tights a plain black opaque pair pretty much goes with anything, so that's what I tend to buy. I think I'm missing out a bit though, just look at all the fabulous prints and coloured tights that are on the market - maybe I should be brave and try something new? 

Well a little while ago I was contacted by online  hosiery store Tights Please, asking if I wanted to try out some of their products. I wasn't familiar with the store, so I did a bit of research and then accepted their kind offer. Tights Please have been retailing tights, stockings and more online since the year 2000 so it's safe to say they know their onions, (or their fishnets ;)  On average they have  more than 20,000 items in stock at any one time including tights, stockings, socks, underwear and shape wear, and more at prices to suit all budgets. They offer free postage and packaging if you're in the UK, and if you're overseas or if you require next day delivery, you can get your goodies posted to you for a small charge.

Now I have to hold my hands up and say that my experience with the company has been first class. They initially sent my a package which unfortunately went astray. They then apologetically sent me out some more goodies straight away which thankfully came within a few days. About a week or so later though after getting irritated with my local Royal Mail delivery office on the phone because so many things were going astray, they "managed" to find 5 presumed lost parcels in the office that had never been delivered - including one from Tights Please! So I ended up with two parcels of items to review for you - thanks Tights Please, and Royal Mail you suck a bit don't you ;). I've had a chance to wear the items I received now so I thought I'd a little review just to show the type of products that you can find on their website x

Pretty Polly Curves Diamond Fashion Tights

Pretty Polly is perhaps the biggest hosiery brand in the UK, if you haven't heard of them where have you been? Tights Please sells a full range of Pretty Polly items including all different deniers, patterns and colours of tights, knee highs, stockings and hold ups. I was sent a pair of tights from the Pretty Polly Curves range which is specially designed for the larger lady. The curves range comes in two sizes, XL and XXL, which the  larger size fitting up to a 60 inch hip. I have to be honest and say I prefer my tights to be a bit larger anyways, because I'm tall and curvy there is nothing like a pair of tights that are too small or too short on me, so I was sent an XL pair to try (I'm 5"8 and about an 18 on my bottom half atm).

Tights Please currently stock 4 style in the Pretty Polly Curves range including a ladder resistant pair, a basic pair of black opaques, a gloss nylon style and the ones I was sent  - The Pretty Polly Curves Diamond Fashion Tights (called the Pretty Polly Curves Dot Diamond Tights on the website).

I have to admit tight for the start that these were the favourites of all the tights I was sent. They are made in England from 92% Nylon and 8% Elastane and have a smooth, light feel, but at the same they are warm enough to wear at this time of year. These tights have the familiar black opaque finish but its broken up with a dotted diamond design which gives them a bit more of a fashion edge making them ideal for the party season.  You can't really see what they look like in the packet so here are some leg shots for you (please excuse the rough cat hair - always a hazard when wearing black :)

I have to say I really liked these tights, I've worn them a few times already and I've gently hand washed them as per the instructions and they came up are as good as new. I will definitely consider buying some more tights from the Pretty Polly Curves range, yes they are pricey but they are great quality and they fitted really well. The Pretty Polly Curves Diamond Fashion Tights retail at £10.49 from Tights Please.

Red Or Dead Glorious Gussets - Dory

As well as featuring ranges from established hosiery companies, Tights Please also stocks a range of designer   products, including lines by Henry Hollland, Mary Quant, and Red Or Dead. I first came across Red or Dead when many moons ago they had a boutique in Princess Square in Newcastle. I could never afford anything obviously but I loved the quirky nature of their designs. The brand hasn't been quite as visible over the last few years but their still out there, and they produce a line of hosiery exclusively for Tights Please - Glorious Gussets.

I have to be honest and say that I'm not a fan of the name - Gusset is probably one of my most hated words of all time! I'm not going to let the name prejudice my opinion though especially when the line is as fabulous as it is - I mean just look at the hot pink and black packaging. The Red or Dead range for Tights Please contains a quirky mixture of patterned tights, knee highs and footless tights. Alas the pair that I was sent are no longer on the sight but I was sent the Red Or Dead Glorious Gussets Dory Tights in Black.

These tights have the traditional smooth black opaque feel but their covered in a woven circle design pattern in shades of pale blue, grey and a beige shade - practical but with a funky twist - again here they are on my pins :)

I have to say I really liked these again the quality was first class  - my only issue with these was the sizing I was a Medium, and whilst they did fit if I was buying from the brand again I would probably go for a size Large for extra movement and comfort. As I say this design doesn't appear to be on the website any more but the Red or Dead Glorious Gusset range is exclusive to Tights Please and they have plenty more gorgeous designs retailing from £8.48 to £17.48.

Pamela Mann Tattoo Hearts Tights

One of the biggest brands on the Tights Please site is British brand Pamela Mann. Tights Please currently stocks 50 Pamela Mann items ranging from quirky patterned and coloured tights, to  maternity hosiery, knee highs, socks and more.

 The last two items I was sent came from Pamela Mann .I've seen a lot of similar things floating around in the fashion world, so I was delighted to be sent the Pamela Mann Tattoo Hearts Tights.

These really amazing tights are made from 95% nylon and 5% elastane. They are in a skin tone shade, with a black tattoo design all over them. They have a super soft silky feel which really does help these tights give the appearance of  silky smooth tattooed skin - Again the packets don't do them justice so here they are again on my legs x

These tights have a lovely soft light feel and they are quite thin so I can't imagine that they would last very long but the effect really is stunning. I'm not 100% sure that these are very me but I'm sure than on someone younger and a bit funkier that they could look amazing. My one gripe with these is the sizing - these are just available in the traditional one size fits all - so they were a little bit snugger than I would have liked - ho hum maybe I should lay off the mince pies ;) Pamela Mann Tattoo Heart Tights retail at £10.99 from Tights Please

Pamela Mann Leg Warmers

No I'm not auditioning for Fame, I happen to love leg warmers, OK I don't necessarily wear them outside but  for me (and Mummy Lou) they are a real winter at home essential.  As you probably know I broke my rights ankle nearly two years ago now, and it still gets incredibly cold, in fact it can easily feel a couple of degrees colder than my left. Whilst I do have problems with my circulation in my feet due to my various medical issues I can't always stand to have my feet covered up, in fact if their too hot it can often be as uncomfortable as if they are too cold, so leg warmers provided the perfect they keep some of my feet and my ankles warm whilst at the same time allowing a bit of cool air to get to my feet.

The final item that I received from Tights Please was a pair of Pamela Mann Leg Warmers. They come in several shades but the one I received was obviously one of the most popular as it's not actually in stock at the moment - it is of course the classic black. Made of 100% acrylic these leg warmers have a nice cosy knitted feel and they have a little bit of ribbing at the top and bottom. I tend to wear them over or under my jeans or jeggings at home as you can see in the picture.

Or more often then not I wear them for bed - you would be surprised how much warmer you feel by wearing a pair of leg warmers.

As much as I loved the Pretty Polly tights which came a close second these were definitely my favourite of all the items I that I received from Tight Please. I've worn them on and off for the last month around the house and I have to say their fab warm and cosy and well made. They've been through the washing machine about 3 times (whoops just read their hand wash only) and they still fine and they haven't lost their shape yet. As I say the black appears to be sold out now but there are still a few shades available online. The Pamela Mann Leg Warmers retail at £5.48 from Tights Please.

I have to say I really enjoyed my foray into the world of hosiery with Tights Please. They have such an amazing selection on their website from basic tights, and stockings,  to those with more funky designs, to socks, knee highs and shape wear and more from all the top brands including Falke, Wolford, and Jonathan Aston it's really hard to decide what you want, but you can be rest assured Tights Please really do stock something for everyone. If you have any questions please leave me a comment and let me know xx

(All The Items Featured In This Post Were Provided By Tights Please For Review / Promotional Purposes)

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