Sunday 9 December 2012

An Outfit Of The Day Featuring My Ebay Skirt :)

Hi Guys - After I published my November haul post a week or so ago I had a few questions both on my blog and on twitter about the black maxi skirt that I bought from ebay so I decided to combine the answers with an outfit of the day post for you :)

The picture of the skirt that I initially took didn't do the skirt justice at all and any picture I've taken doesn't either so again I refer you back to the original ebay sellers pictures :) The skirt itself features a wide elasticated waist band, which unstretched measures around 24 inches on the waist and stretched it measures roughly 36 inches. You could probably be a inch or so bigger than that and it would still probably be OK.

The skirt features two layers of fabric. The outer layer is a slightly sheer chiffon mesh, and it's partially lined with a thicker satin effect fabric.

I have to be honest and say that the lining isn't that great it only comes half way down the skirt. Mine has also started to fray a little after a couple of wears, which given the fact that the skirt is quite sheer isn't ideal so what I think I'll do is buy either a maxi or midi slip to wear underneath it.

I have to say this is definitely more of a glam skirt which would be great for the party season Having said that I also think that given the fabric it would be great for summer or holidays. I've styled it a little bit differently here and gone with a wintry / more autumnal feel. In an ideal world I would have worn it with black tights but I was actually trying something out for you that I will be reviewing on the blog next week ;) so I went with a pair of long socks instead which I wore inside, and I added a pair of biker boots when I went outside. My pics hopefully show you the lining, the shape, the fabric and of course the flow of the skirt.

Today I Wore

Black Maxi Skirt - ebay 
Long Line Black Vest - La Redoute
Open Weave Wool Mix Jumper - La Redoute
Black Ribbed Socks - Patrizia Pepe Via TK Maxx

Sorry for the very posed pics - I need to work on this modelling lark lol . Just a note this isn't the type of skirt to wear on a windy day I was walking to the car clutching my layers of skirt to myself. I have to say despite the lining fails I really like this skirt. I can definitely see myself wearing this more in the summer though, the fabric doesn't really lend itself to cold winter days like today. In fact I already bought and received a very similar skirt but in the mini length for the summer, and I've also ordered this exact same skirt in blue. At just £7.48 including postage I really think that this is a great buy especially when I've bought similar items from Peacocks and New Look and they have been pretty similar quality wise. I bought my skirt from this seller but there are a lot of similar ones on ebay just search for pleated skirt, or maxi skirt :) I hope this is helpful but if you have any questions please leave me a comment and I promise I'll work on the posing :)


  1. Thank you so much for this, I was wondering today when you were going to do it! sorry to be dense but is the waist measurement the total circumference or for half the waist stretched flat? xxx Rose


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