Saturday 8 December 2012

Another Step In My Eye Make Up Remover Journey Courtesy Of AHAVA

Every time I open my skin care back ups drawer I start feeling the panic rising in my chest. Dramatic yes but I still haven't forgiven Boots for altering the formulation of one of my Holy Grail products, the Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover and every time I look in that drawer I'm reminded that my two back up bottles are all that I have left. Since the new formulation didn't suit me (or most other devotees of the original!) I'm currently doing a mass try out of eye make up removers in order to find a new favourite, and the latest one I've tried comes from AHAVA.

I first became acquainted with AHAVA earlier this year when I received their Mineral Body Lotion in one the beauty boxes and when I was sent the amazing AHAVA Softening Butter Salt Scrub to review (you can read my review here). A few months ago I received a press release about some of the new skincare items from the brand and as a result I was sent the AHAVA Active Dead Sea Minerals Time To Clear Eye Make Up Remover to try out.

Like all the products in their range, this eye make up remover is enriched with dead sea minerals which purify  and deep cleanse the skin. It also includes extracts of aloe vera, cucumber and calendula which help to calm and soothe the skin around the eyes, and prevent puffiness.

Free from parabens, sulfates, and fragrance, this is product is opthalmologically tested, and allergy tested, and has been approved for use on sensitive skin, and eyes, and for contact lens wearers.

 It comes boxed and packaged in a turquoise plastic bottle with a black screw top lid. It's a dual phase products so you need to give it a bit of a shake to combine the ingredients.The neck of the bottle is quite wide so you need to cover the lid with the cotton pad to avoid spillage. The liquid does have some sort of smell but this only comes from the ingredients, as no extra fragrance has been added. It is slightly turquoise / blue in colour and has a liquid, but slightly oily consistency.

The only way to show how effective an eye make up remover is, is of course to show some before and after pictures xx


What I Wore On My Eyes
MAC MSF Natural - Light
VIVO Baked Shimmer Palette - Chocolate Box - Eye Shade 2 - Used Wet


Pretty impressive, don't you think. It removed all of it using one cotton pad (these fabulous ones of course) and a couple of gentle swipes. You need virtually no pressure and the liquid just dissolved the eye make up away. The eye area was left slightly oily but this disappeared quite quickly of its own accord, without any extra rubbing or cleansing. I experienced no problems or irritation after using this product even though my eyes at the moment are generally a little bit dry and sensitive.

Is this my new holy grail? well not quite but it's definitely one of the best eye make up removers that I've tried. It does the job without stinging or irritating my eyes and I can't say any more than that. I've used over 3/4 of the bottle so far which surely says something though. My one slight issue is the price, this isn't the cheapest eye make up remover on the market by any means but if you have sensitive eyes and your looking for a new one this could maybe be it. The AHAVA Time To Clear Eye Make Up Remover retails at around £14.50 for 125ml. For more information and for stockist details please check out the AHAVA website. Thanks for reading and any questions please leave me a comment xx

(The AHAVA Time To Clear Eye Make Up Remover 125ml Was Provided For Review / Promotional Purposes. The Items Marked With A * Were Also Provided For Review Purposes)

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