Sunday 16 December 2012

Looking Great In That Party Frock With Belvia Shapewear

It's a funny time of year diet wise isn't it, we spend all of October and November trying to lose a bit of weight to either fit into our Christmas party frocks, and then in December the majority of us eat and drink without any thought for the calories or fat content. If you read yesterdays post then you'll already know that my attempts (or lack of them!) to lose weight before Christmas came to nothing. Stress causes me to do two things shop, and eat. Thankfully I only have family occasions to come so I don't mind too much if I'm a little chubbier than I hoped. If your dieting plans have been a bit of a fail though, and you still want to look great in that little black dress then Belvia may be able to help.

A little while ago now I tried the Belvia Bra, I loved it but to me it was more about comfort rather than achieving a streamline shape, but due to the success of the bra they've expanded their range to include various varieties of shapewear and even jeans which all promise to give you a fabulous shape.

I've tried quite a bit of shape wear in the past and I to say that without exception every piece has was uncomfortable. I've tried all sorts of things from control thongs (just don't do it!!!),to slimming pants and even slimming shorts and whilst they've all done the job they haven't been comfortable to wear, and after an hour or so you just need to be free again. Given Belvia's reputation for comfort though, and my need for tummy firming when I was offered the chance to try out a piece of their shapewear for you of course I said yes.

I was kindly sent the Belvia Shapewear Comfortable Slimming Bodysuit. This bodysuit is designed to be worn with your normal underwear and promises to slim you down, define and shape your figure, and hide and smooth bumps and bulges.

Made of a polyamide and elastane mix, the bodysuit has a super soft feel, and it's made of a light breathable fabric, which keeps you cool and comfortable.

The Belvia Comfortable Slimming Bodysuit comes in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large which you can choose form depending on your weight and height - I went for the Large. It comes in three shades, white, beige and the one I was sent the black. Yet again I'm chickening out of the photo's but hopefully you can get an idea of what it looks like thanks to my lovely model ;)

On first appearance it reminds me a bit of a leotard a swimsuit or dare I say it even a Borat mankini. The easiest way to put this on is just to pull it over your head. The straps are about 1.5 inches wider and go down to below the bust which means you need to wear your own bra with it. The back of the bodysuit is full coverage and will cover your bra and its straps. The base of the bodysuit has also been shaped like a conventional pair of briefs rather than the frequently used shorts style not only does that increase comfort and mobility, but it also helps to add to the smooth finish of this piece of shapewear

The fabric feel and appearance varies throughout the body suit, which panelling and ribbing, to give extra control and shaping to certain areas.

One of the biggest problem with shape wear is the age old question of how do I go to the toilet. The majority of products I've tried have been one big fat fail in this department, they either have an opening (yuck!) or you need to roll the damn thing down and then spend 10 minutes trying to pull it back up. Well Belvia have thought of that one, you have simple set of hook and eye fastenings which are really and quick to loosen and to fasten.

I've been wearing this on and off for a few weeks now with a variety of outfits from jeans, to leggings, trousers and even with skirts (I'm wearing it in this post), and I have to say I think that this does make a bit of a difference. No I don't think it made me drop a dress size whist I was wearing it by any means, but it did make my wobbly bits feel a tiny bit firmer, and it did make it a bit easier to fasten my jeans which is always a plus point. I have to be honest and say that the shapewear I've tried in the past has made a more dramatic difference to my appearance, but that was a lot more comfortable to wear, it all depends on what you want from your shapewear I guess, a dramatic difference or comfort. If you want something somewhere in the middle this might be the piece of shapewear for you. The Belvia Shapewear Comfortable Slimming Bodysuit retails at £19.99 from the JML website and from various high street retailers including Asda, Boots and Wilkinsons. For more information on the Belvia range, including sizing information please check out the JML website. Have you ever tried shapewear? what did you think of it? let me know in the comments xx

(The Belvia Shapewear Comfortable Slimming Bodysuit Was Provided For Review / Promotional Purposes)


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