Saturday 1 December 2012

Noel Noel, Night Night November

If your anything like me the first thing I did this morning was open my advent calendar or should I say calendars. Mummy Lou bought me a Milka one, obviously I've only opened the 1st door, but the chocolate was so yummy it was a caramel filled snowman - nom :) I was also surprised this morning with a beautifully wrapped Christmas parcel from Mummy Lou - a bit early I hear you cry, but I was delighted to find it was the much lusted after Ciate advent calender - I have a few issues with Ciate as a brand, their general attitude to bloggers and the varying quality of their products all contributes to the fact that I haven't warmed to them as a brand. This however was an amazing concept - behind all the doors are nail polishes, special effect products or treatments. I can't wait to try the infamous caviar bead manicure, I still think it looks gross but I'm always willing to be converted. As much as I would like to open all the doors at once I'm going to stay strong and I've only opened the first door which was a mini nail varnish in Cupcake Queen :)

Mummy Lou also has an advent calender proving that your never too old for a bit of festive fun, and the cats even have one too :) I've had an advent calender for as long as I can remember and I love the idea of the building excitement as we head towards the big day :)

To be perfectly honest the past month has been pretty bad so as a family we've been trying to cheer ourselves up left right and centre. I mentioned in October's monthly summary that my Godmother's cancer had returned. Well last month she found out that it was terminal - she can undergo treatment to control it and stop it spreading but they can't cure it this time. She's currently in hospital after having a large tumour removed from the side of her neck earlier this week. She hasn't been too well after her surgery but she's had a better day today. After she's released from hospital so will be given time for her wounds to heal then she will be measured up for a protective mask, and she will be starting radiotherapy for 5 days every week for a month, in an attempt to control the cancer spread rather than cure it. We won't know a prognosis till after this treatment but given her age anything is a bonus. We're tentatively planning for Christmas as normal (my godparents come to us for Christmas) but we'll have to see what happens. In the meantime we're being as supportive as we can and we're trying to keep as busy as we can. I just want to say a huge thank you to you all for all your support both on here, on twitter and on facebook xx I don't know where I would be without you all xxx

So in November we kept ourselves as busy as we could, we've had the lounge decorated, and we're on sorting the house out for Christmas. I've also made a start on my Christmas cards, I've made a few Christmas decoration, helped make the Christmas cake (apologies that the recipe post is late but it will be live tomorrow) and I've nearly finished all my Christmas shopping. I've spent a little bit on myself this month (click here to see my gifts and buys) but I'm pleased to say I've came in well under my monthly limit :)

Black Maxi Skirt - ebay - £7.48
Earring Set - New Look - £4.99
Technic Nail Varnish - Carnival - £1.00
2 x Gold Tone Spike Bracelets - ebay - £1.98
VIVO Nail Varnish - Take Time - £1.00
Gold Tone Heart Necklace - ebay - 99p
Givenchy Dahlia Noir EDT 1ml Sample - ebay - £1.39
Collection Bedazzle Nail Polishes x 2 - £4.48
Bracelet Buddy - ebay - £5.38
Red Jade and Silver Tone Bracelet - ebay - £1.20
Total - £29.89
£10.11 Under 

I'm pretty pleased with that to be honest - I managed a trip to the Metro Centre, and a few trips out this month and  obviously I've had a lot of stress which is one of my usual triggers I still managed to come in under my limit :) December is usually a tough month because of the start of the sales but I'm still going to try and keep a lid on my spending, despite the fact that I've already placed a Top Shop order this afternoon -whoops!

I'm also feeling pretty positive about this months Trimming My Stash, I managed to finish 11 items in November 

Clynol Colour & Care Enrich Colour Shampoo 300ml
Wilkinson Skin Therapy Toner 200ml
The Body Shop Earth Lovers Watermelon & Eucalyptus Shower Gel 250ml
The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil 1.8ml
Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo 200ml
The Body Shop Black Velvet Apricot Bath and Shower Nectar 250ml
Living Nature Deep Cleansing Mask 50ml
St Moriz Exfoliating Body Scrub 100ml
The Body Shop Cranberry Bubble Bath 400ml
OPI Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Oil 3.75ml
Munio Candela Green Bath Therapy - Wild Flowers 25g
Total - 11 Items

I finished a nice combination of products this month including lots of body care, some nail things, and some skincare. My one regret is that I managed to finish no make up in November :( Thankfully I can see myself remedying this even within the next week as I have two make up items that probably only have about 1 or 2 uses left meaning that I'm nearly on the final strait on my Project 10 Pan experience - whoopee!

That lovely readers was my month, so what about December? Well I'm going to blog like a demon, and I'm going to put a new You Tube video within the next few days - go me :) This month you can expect to see a lot of reviews on LouLouLand, and some great Christmas posts including some shopping ideas, some recipes (including tomorrows ;), and some clothing and make up ideas. That isn't all though, of course you also expect to see the launch on the annual LouLouLand Christmas giveaway, there is only going to be one prize pack this year but it will be a good one, including lots of beauty and jewellery pieces, and I'll also be launching a You Tube giveaway too for some hint hint Hello Kitty beauty items xx Thanks for sticking around   no matter what and I hope you all have a great December x

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  1. Really so sorry to hear about your Godmother, lovely. Glad she's feeling a little bit better though, and I hope you manage to have a lovely Christmas with her.

    Love your advent calendar, very jealous!!! The nail polish looks gorgeous!


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