Monday 26 March 2012

Sailing Away On The Crest Of A Wave - Nails Of The Day

In a recent mini haul you may have spotted one of the beautiful polishes from the new range of Beetlejuice polishes by Models Own - Indian Ocean.

I saw this colour and I needed it in my life - on We Heart It search for Indian Ocean and this gorgeous picture comes up
I wonder if this was one of the pictures that influenced Models Own, Indian Ocean looks amazing in the bottle a gorgeous blue with pink iridescence but how did it translate onto the nails

Well dare I say it I think it I think it looks even better! as per usual it's not translating that well in the photographs but it looks amazing a light blue base with pink, and gold sparkle and iridescence, constantly changing every time you move your fingers, in some lights it even looks like a holograph. The only downside is I needed 4 coats to achieve this level of coverage. However I do think this would look amazing layered over another colour, especially over a pale blue in a cream polish or even over a pink, and I'll definitely by trying that out in an upcoming post on colour cocktailing.

What do you think of Indian Ocean? and have you tried any of the new Beetlejuice colours?


  1. Very pretty, I have the perfect undercoat for that as well. Now I wonder how easy it will be to persuade Mr Stitchin that it is a necessity for my general wellbeing.

  2. Ohhh what colour would that be? I'm sure you can be very persuasive ;) xxx

    1. I have an ally. My daughter saw this post and simply said 'Need' so I think I can justify buying it ;)

  3. oooh pretty, it has a stunning shimmer x

  4. wow, the coverage you managed to achieve in 4 coats is amazing. i've heard that indian ocean is more of a top coat really but on you it looks great on its own xx
    liloo /@tsunimee xx

  5. This new offering of Beetlejuice colours are much better than the first lot. I love Tropical Sun and am going to treat myself to it at the end of the week! Looking forward to seeing how you combine Indian Ocean with other colours

  6. Gosh that's SO pretty! Definitely the perfect colour for holidays :) I'd love to wear this on the beach!


  7. Love this colour, it reminds me of OPI blue moon lagoon with all that shimmer. So summery! :) xx


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