Tuesday 6 March 2012

My MAC Collection - Paints and Paint Pots

It's time for the next instalment in my MAC Collection series, and it's the first post focusing on eye products. I have so many eye products from MAC it untrue, single shadows, palettes, mineralized shadows, pigments, you name it I've got but I thought I'd start off with some of my cream eyeshadows with my paints and paint pots.

MAC Paint Pots are MAC's long wear cream eyeshadow, and are ideal as an eyeshadow base. They come in the cutest 5g glass pots and retail for around £14.50 each.

Right lets get started first up the two most vibrant paint pots in my collection

First up Delft - a super vibrant teal with just a hint of gold shimmer - I think this shade has been discontinued now which is a shame it makes teal coloured shadows last and last on the eyes, and it looks great on it's own

Next up Rollickin, this is another one that's long gone from your local MAC counter. Released as part of the Fafi collection this is a lovely turquoise / aqua shade, with just the merest hint of silver shimmer.

Now my more neutral shades, starting with my favourite!

Yes it's the super gorgeous Rubenesque, a gorgeous golden peach,, I normally wear this on it's own, it's too pretty to cover up x

Layin' Low is another Paint Pot from MAC Fafi, a good base colour it's a lovely creamy beige shade, again though it discontinued

Finally the most recent addition to my little Paint Pot collection Nubile. Released as part of  last years Posh Paradise collection its a lighter beige / nude tone, again a perfect base shade and yes this one it discontinued too, although since it wasn't released that long ago you may be able to pick it up in a CCO x

So that's my Paint Pot collection, I used to own another shade Blackground but I sold it on. I'm happy with the colours that I have now. I know lots of people use Paint Pots as eye bases, but I prefer to use a specialist eye base, so I tend to use Paint Pots as eye colours in their own right, yes it's a little bit lazy but you get a good colour that lasts. Oh and a little tip with Paint Pots, always make sure you put the lid on tightly after you've used them to stop them drying out, and if they do feel a little bit dry on the surface, either rub them over with a tissue or give them a little scrape to reveal fresh colour x What do you think of Paint Pots? and which ones would you recommend?

Despite a similar creamy texture MAC Paints just don't seem to be as popular as Paint Pots. I only have two in my collection both of which I brought from a blog sale. In a super cute 6.5g paint style metal tube, MAC Paints are super creamy, pigmented eye colours, which dry down to a powder finish on the eyes. The two colours I have are Bamboom (Left) and Chartru (Right)

Bamboom is a brown / beige shade with the tiniest hint of shimmer - this shade is still available in the MAC line, along with 4 other neutral shades, they appear to have discontinued all the bright shades with means Chartru, a light golden / green with a pearl finish is no more.

I have to admit I don't use these as often I should, it's not because they are a bad product, they are creamy, pigmented and super blendable, but they just take a bit more effort,and they are a tiny bit messier than say a Paint Pot. I tend to squeeze a little bit of the product out onto the back of  my hand (you really don't need very much!) and then I dot it on to my lids either using my fingers or a brush. As nice as these products are I probably wouldn't buy any more for that reason, especially since I already own a L'Oreal HIP Paint which is very similar in texture and pigmentation. Have you tried MAC Paints, and if you have have, how do you use them?

Next up in my MAC Collection series, Metal X Shadows and Shadesticks x Any questions please leave me a comment x


  1. I love the look of Rubenesque, I'll have to check that out.
    Look forward to your Mac eyeshadow collection. I enjoy collection posts, I'm just nosy!

  2. I have a few of the good paints left, including Chartru and Flammable :) Glad to see I wasn't alone in my love of them! I keep thinking I need Rubenesque. Your swatches make it appear lovely.

  3. The only one I own is Painterly and I do love it!

  4. Wow, great collection! Have you tried maybelline 24hr tattoo eyeshadow? They are amazing and quite affordable as well:-)


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