Wednesday 28 March 2012

Press Sample - Getting Those Tootsies Ready For Spring With Gwdihw - A Review For My Pure*

Well it looks as though spring had arrived with a vengeance, or should that be summer? Temperatures in my little part of Co Durham reached a fabulous 20° C this week, way above the March average. What does that mean yup we start exposing our bodies and of course out feet to the sun. It might be just me but personally I wouldn't dream of my exposing dry crusty feet in my sandals some people don't have a problem with this and that's fine but it's not for me. Like a lot of people out there I am really not a fan of feet, touching anyone elses bar my own brings me out in dry heaves, but I have to say I always try to keep my own feet looking the best they can, I don't always wear nail polish on my toes, but I always make sure that I exfoliate and moisturise them on a regular basis. Normal body or hand cream does the trick but more often than not I tend to go for a product specifically designed for the feet, so when I saw a new foot care product on the My Pure inventory I knew I had to give it ago.

My previous experience with Welsh brand Gwdihw - Good Hoo was a good one, their Nail Wizard Balm is definitely right up there in my products of the year so far ( click here to read my review), so I decided to see what else the brand had to offer, and low and behold they produce a foot balm.

Like the rest of their products the Twinkle Toes Foot Balm, is handmade in Wales using only local and natural ingredients. Again the ingredients list is a small one - it contains just five ingredients, Marigold Flowers, Coconut and Olive Oils, Beeswax and Lavender Essential.

There's something missing I hear you cry, where's the peppermint? where's the menthol? As much as I love foot creams and balms 90% of them smell of mint or menthol don't get me wrong I don't hate these fragrances and they can be really refreshing on the feet, I just prefer my foot cream to smell of something else, and this one does. It has an amazing fresh lavender aroma, don't think old lady lavender, think a fresh, zingy almost antiseptic lavender fragrance.

Packaged in a cute metal tin, it has quite a solid texture, that actually makes it quite hard to get any product out, so what I've been doing is putting the pot on the top of the radiator while I've been having my bath or my shower. This makes the balm a lot of softer and a lot easier to use.

I've then been rubbing it all over the soles of my feet, concentrating on the driest parts such as the balls of my feet and my heels. You can just leave it as it is, it does soak in pretty quickly but I've been putting a pair of socks on to give my feet a more intense treatment.

Has it made a difference? yes I think it has my heels don't feel as rough or look as chalky as they did before I started using it, the lavender also seems to really make my feet feel invigorated, and strange as it sounds more relaxed. I love this product an awful lot but like always there is a drawback, not the texture that can be easily remedied, it's the size of the pot. You get just 25g of product, I've been using this about twice a week  for around 3 weeks now and I'll be lucky if I have a quarter of the tub left. Maybe I'm over using it but it just doesn't seem to last that long when you use it on a regular basis, in it's current size despite the relatively reasonable price I can't really justify the purchase, put it in a bigger tin and my name will be at the top of the list. If you have any questions please leave me a comment. As of 2021 Gwdihw Goody Hoo Twinkle Toes Foot Balm retails at £4.49 for 25g from My Pure x

*Press Sample


  1. i feel a bit bad now with my mini rant. This is a cute product, lovely little design despire the understandably difficult to pronounce name for the non welsh speakers. Shame the pot seems to be finished quickly though. I'd love an overnight treatment which actually stays on the foot but not a sock, i cant sleep with socks, xx

  2. Aw there's no need lovely people in general are under too much pressure to look amazing all the time now, people should never be made to feel bad because they don't always look supermodel ready lol I have the same problem with socks I get really hot feet at night so I tend to have a bath say at 7 and leave the socks on till I go to bed - that seems to do the trick with this products and most other foot ones I've tried x


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