Thursday 29 March 2012

The Green Green Grass - Nails Of The Day

As I said in my last post it's really is feeling like Spring this week, it really makes you want to dig out your bright colours and make yourself feel happy all over, I started small though and went with some brights on my nails.

MUA Shade 13 isn't a conventional bright really is it, how often does anyone really wear green nail polish? Not often I guess but this colour screams Spring to me, everything is starting to grow again after the cold and dark winter months, new buds are appearing on the trees, the flowers are starting to appear, and the grass is regaining it beautiful green colour after months of been muddy and waterlogged.

MUA Shade 13  is a beautiful slightly pearlised bright green. This is two coats which is all it needs for flawless coverage

What do you think of green nail polish?

1 comment:

  1. I frequently wear green nail polish. If in doubt green or purple polish is my safety net. At the moment I'm wearing a lovely pastel metallic green :)


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