Saturday 3 March 2012

Rosy Cheeks and Super Smooth Skin With A'kin? - A Review For My Pure

Despite the ambiguity of the title, I'm not talking about Roses I'm actually talking about Rosehips. Not something I'm that familiar with I must admit, yes I know they grow in the wild and roughly what they look like but after that I draw a bit of a blank.

So I decided to do a little bit of research and basically I found out that Rosehips are the original superfruit. Crammed full of Vitamin C, Vitamin A,  Lycopene, Antioxidants, and Essential Fatty Acids, Rosehips have long been used for culinary purposes and as a herbal medicine, in fact Mummy Lou has found memories of the super sweet Rosehip syrup onto top of homemade rice pudding - yum!

Seeing as antioxidants are such a buzz in the beauty industry at the moment, it's no surprise that manufacturers have started to look again towards the humble Rosehip when it comes to skincare products. The oil from the Rosehip seed in particular can be used for a variety of skin conditions including eczema, acne, and scarring.

It always seems to be the way doesn't it, despite all the new advances in technology, some companies take a step back and look at how ingredients of the past can help faces and bodies of today, in fact when I asked on twitter recently for product recommendation for scarring and redness from spots, there was I expecting something technical e.g scar reduction sheets, and what I actually got was recommendations for several products containing Rosehip.

Bearing this in mind, when I was selecting my products for February from natural beauty site My Pure, I decided to try an offering from Australian brand A'kin

The A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil, contains just one ingredient 100%  organic Rosa Canina Seed Extract (Rosehip Seed Extract)

This multi award winning product is designed for all skin types including oily skin, to moisturise, add radiance, to fade scars and imperfections, and to improve skin tone and skin texture.

It comes packaged in a brown glass bottle to protect the product from the light, and it comes with a glass dropper. The product is obviously oily in texture and it has a golden colour

Due to the sweetness of the Rosehip fruit I was expecting this to have a sweet smell but I was wrong, the smell reminds both me and Mummy Lou of dried hay or even of dried mixed herbs. It's quite strong at first but it does die off pretty quickly.

Because of it's suitability for all skin types both me and Mummy Lou tried out this product. She is a big fan of facial oils, where as for me having more oily skin their something that I've always avoided. Having drier, more mature skin Mummy Lou used this twice a day, where as I just used it at night. The application method was the same though, we just used a few drops after cleansing, massaged all over the face and neck.

The oil had a lovely slip on the skin and it was very easy to massage even a small amount in. On my skin especially it did linger for a little while before absorbing, but this was no great problem since I just used it at night, Mummy Lou noticed that on her skin it absorbed most quickly into the drier parts of her face but she didn't find it any slower than any of the other oils she'd used.

The results on my skin especially were pretty damn amazing, I have to say I was really, really surprised, I expected this product to make me breakout but no - my skin has actually been a lot clearer, the spots that I did have aren't as angry and seem to have healed faster, and my skin is scarily soft. Mummy Lou's result haven't been as dramatic, (did I say she already has perfect skin ? at 70 years old there is barely a wrinkle or a blemish on her face!) but she found a slight softening of her skin especially on her cheeks.

So impressed was I with the results on my face that I've started to use the oil on my ankle scar, just massaging a couple of drops in every night for the last week or so and would you believe I've already started to see a difference, the scar is definitely looking less dry and less pink already! Oh and after you've applied the oil to your face, massage the excess into your hands and nails, Mummy Lou tried this first and I have to say it's a really good tip.

In case you haven't realised despite lots of reservations I really love this product (strokes cheek to demonstrate smoothness ) and it's something I will definitely repurchase - it isn't cheap but you need so little and the multi purpose aspect means you really will get your use out of it. Any questions please leave me a comment x

A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil 23ml retails at £15.99 from My Pure x

(A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil 23ml Was Provided By My Pure For Review Purposes)

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