Friday 2 March 2012

A Celestial Nails Of The Day

Don't worry my blog isn't turning into Astronomers Weekly, but whilst rooting through my nail varnish stash I found the celestially named Halleys Comet by Orly.

OK I admit I already own a similar shade to this -Halleys Comet is very similar to Avon's Sequined Turqoise, (click here to see a notd ), they are both deep turquoises with lots of sparkle, if anything though Halleys Comet is a tiny bit greener and contains even more glitter

Here's a pic taken a tiny bit out of focus so you can see the sparkle x

If I was pushed to say which one I preferred it would probably be Sequined Turquoise, they both need two coats for perfect coverage but Halleys Comet just seems to require a bit more effort. Never mind I still think it looks good x What do you think of Halleys Comet?

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  1. great colour! xx


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