Tuesday 20 March 2012

A More Subtle Nails Of The Day

If you've been following my nails of the day posts over the last few weeks you'll know that I've been embracing the brights, glitters and duo chromes, but it's time for a chance so I've gone for something a little more subtle

MUA Shade 19 is one those creamy beige / greige shades, this is two coats which is pretty amazing for a cream finish, and especially one at such a low price

What do you think of Shade 19 ?


  1. Ive got my eye on this, its very similar to collection 2000's milkshake, i cant get enough of nude polishes lately.

  2. What a lovely shade. I love brights and glitters too, but sometimes a nude just looks really classy.

    Anna x

  3. lovely shade of nude and at £1, you really cant go wrong! liloo /@tsunimee xx

  4. I'm always staggered by how good the MUA polishes are, I've got all the nudes and they are a dream to use. xxx


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