Saturday 10 March 2012

Ooo Matron - Silky Soft Hands With Yes Nurse

First up an apology, no not just for the awful title but this was one of the posts that was affected by my computer breakdown, it was all planned all photographed, notes made you get the picture, then wham all gone in an instant. The funny thing is though it's given me more time to test the product and circumstances have meant that it's got a sterner test than it would have done before - the product in question a hand cream of course.

If you've been reading LouLouLand for some time or if you follow me on You Tube or Twitter, you'll know that I love hand cream.Scary as it is to admit I usually have about 5 on the go at once, with about another 10 in back up, I love the stuff, so it was no surprise that I jumped at the chance to try a new one from a brand founded in my beloved North East.

So many occupations are hard on the hands but none more so than nursing. With strict hygiene procedures it's no surprise that their hands take a hammering. Yes Nurse was co founded in 2009 by a paediatric nurse who noticed that her and her colleagues were suffering from dry, cracked and painful hands. Nothing she tried made any difference to her hands so after a lot of research and input from fellow nurses, Yes Nurse - Protect Your Lovely Hands was born

Designed to protect, heal and soothe the skin throughout the day the product is jam packed full of natural ingredients. It contains Manuka Honey to heal, Passion Flower Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil and Wheatgerm Oil to hydrate and protect, and Aloe Vera, Willow Bark Extract and Vitamins B5 and E to soothe the skin.

The first thing you notice about this product is the box it comes in, I'm sorry mines looking a little bit battered now but how cute are the illustrations - staying true to the brand it's all about how fabulous our nurses are - which is of course so true :)

Protect Your Lovely Hands comes in a squeezy tube that's perfect for your handbag.The hand cream has a aromatherapy type smell, and a thick but creamy texture.

The cream has a nice slip on the skin, it looks as though it might take a bit of rubbing in but it actually absorbs really quickly.

It does leave a slight film on the skin but it isn't unpleasant and the skin feels silky soft.

My hands aren't the driest I must admit but I do occasionally get some dry patches on the side of my fingers, especially when I'm washing dishes, or doing housework. As you know with my mum sill recovering from her surgery I've been responsible for all the housework, including lots of jobs using my hands like washing dishes, litter trays, and washing the floors, usually in this scenario my hands would be a mess, but they aren't.  I have a couple of dry bits around my nails but otherwise my hands look fine, Yes Nurse really seems to have done the trick for me. Although this product is aimed towards nurses, if your a busy mum, a hairdresser or if you have your hands in water a lot I would thoroughly recommend this product.

There are several ways to purchase this product you can either purchase a one of 50 ml tube for £5.45, or you can chose to buy a monthly subscription a bit like BonBon Balms where you get a tube every month, or a bi-monthly subscription where you get a tube every two months, if you go for either these options you just pay £4.99 for each tube. You can also buy a gift subscription for either 3 or 6 months

I think this is a great idea and a great product, if you have any questions please leave me a comment, and please check out the Yes Nurse website to learn more about the product, to read more testimonials, and of course to make a purchase x

(Yes Nurse Protect Your Lovely Hands 50ml Was Provided For Review Purposes)

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