Sunday 25 March 2012

Like Water In Colour and In Texture - Nails Of The Day

I recently received this polish in one of the beauty boxes, I forget which one, they all seem to be much of a muchness don't they especially with the recent Carmine / Glossybox merger. Anyways this was one of the items that I was really happy to have received. I'd seen the Andrea Fulerton stands in Superdrug on many occasions and I'd even purchased a few things including nail glitters, striping pens, and her fabulous Cuticle Eraser, but I'd never purchased a basic polish from the line, I really don't  know why the colours always looked good maybe it was the price - they retail at around £5, maybe I thought this was a bit high compared to say MUA, and even Rimmel, but I was happy enough when the beauty box fad gave me a chance to try one

The colour I received was Eliza, a gorgeous shimmery aqua, sea, blue-green. It looking very green in the photos but as I look at it on my nails now it's very blue toned. It's definitely one of those colours that alters depending on the light conditions. This is two coats which I think it probably needs - a little word of warning though this is a very runny nail polish I managed to drip it on my trousers, my laptop, and my hands whilst I was doing my nails not good.

I love the colour of this polish, but I have to say the formula's really put me off buying from the range in future . I'm just wondering if this was a one off - have you tried any of the other Andrea Fulerton polishes? and if so were they all as runny as this one?


  1. I love this shade. I have many AF polishes and they are all really great, apply easily and stay for days without chipping, which is a big thing for me. Plus the colours are fab! x

  2. Oh and I had absolutely no problems with the formula. maybe you got a dodgy one?


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