Friday 30 March 2012

As You Lilac It - Nails Of The Day and A Mummy Lou Update

Hi Guys -I know I've done a lot of these lately but believe it or not I've go another nails of the day post for you :) I was going to leave yesterdays lovely green on for a little bit longer but since I was up so early and was a bit bored I decided to repaint them :)

The reason I was up so early was that my mum had an appointment to see her surgeon. The good news is the operation went really well, everything is healing normally, and she can start to drive again in the next week or so - hurrah :) She also found out that she doesn't have the metal hip joints so we're both feeling a lot happier now about the whole thing, she has to go back in September but touch wood everything is fine :)

Anyways nail polish - I decided to delve a little bit further into my MUA stash and I pulled out this beauty

Shade 24 is me to a tee, it a gorgeous creamy lilac shade, no it's not that original in fact I had to double check to make sure I hadn't done a NOTD with it before, but again for just £1 it can't be sniffed at. The first coat was a bit streaky so it does probably need 2

It's a really great trend colour, everywhere you look there are pastels so this beauty fits right in. If you love MUA nail polishes please check out my blog next week when I'll be doing a nail polish collection post all about Make Up Academy nail polishes. Thanks for reading and I'll see you tomorrow with another nails of the day, lol only joking I will be back tomorrow with a make up review xx


  1. Glad your mum is doing well and getting better. This is such a gorgeous colour, perfect for spring. x

  2. That is so pretty. I am a true nail polish junkie too. May have to check out MUA.

  3. woww i love this color ^^ it can match with any outfits ^^this post is very inspiring!! keep up the good work!! :D thanks for sharing!! let's follow each other if u want ^^ have a great weekend dear :)


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