Tuesday 14 February 2012

A Tiny Weenie Ebay Haul And A Gift

Despite last months complete and utter failure with my spending diet and my promise to do better in February I seem to have started this month in the same vein that I ended January with a few purchases. Yes, ebay that old chestnut - I seem to have got back into buying from ebay again in a big way some many fabulous things to buy at really good prices. First up a ring :)

Allegedly by Betsey Johnson this is very similar to the Disney Couture Cheshire Cat Ring, why am I doubting it's authenticity ? well I only paid £2.99 for it including postage from Hong Kong, I love it but it's a tiny bit small and I can only wear it on my pinkie finger - no matter it was still a bargain :)

I've also made another tiny little ebay purchase - yes, yet more sparkly nail polish

On the left is Nubar - Gem and on the right - OPI My Private Jet x - I've wanted Gem for sometime now, and I saw a presenter on QVC wearing My Private Jet and I knew I needed it - I really am loving sparkly nails at the moment, which also lead to this little purchase...

Yes another nail polish, this one is by Catherine Arley, which I believe is a Turkish brand, this is a Silky Touch Nail Lacquer in 667 which is a gorgeous holographic silver. Again I can't wait to try this properly, I've already had a little play and first impressions are good! In fact I may already have purchased another polish from the brand - whoops!

Finally from ebay I got these, what are they? nail wheels of course I got a pack of 10 from Hong Kong with no postage - I've been humming and haahing between the white and the clear and I've decided to go for the white to give a better idea of what a polish will look like on the actual nail. I'm going to start using these in my nail polish collection posts instead of swatching on white paper

The last thing I want to show you is another nail polish and a lovely, sweet gift from Mummy Lou. I've wanted this shade for some time but Chanel polishes are soooo expensive and unfortunately the quality doesn't always match the price, but this baby popped up on the fabulous BuyaPowa and she kindly offered to buy it for me as a thank you for being a fabulous daughter, chef, nurse, cleaner and physio all in one :)

What colour is it? Chanel 531 Peridot of course, a beautiful gold, green, khaki display of gorgeousness! I still want Look Beauty's Kimono which is supposed to be similar but why oh why is it so hard to get hold of Look Beauty . Not one Superdrug store in the North East stocks the range :(  - never mind they are hopefully launching online in the next few weeks, but in the meantime I have my pretty Chanel to play with, I'm really feeling the Chanel love lately I tried a foundation sample the other day and it was love straight away, but at £31 it will have to wait. So that was my little nail polish packed haul, as per usual if you would like any reviews or if you have any questions please leave me a comment, but nails of the days featuring all these shades will be coming soon because I can't wait to try them and get sparkly xx


  1. Pretty polishes :) And great idea with the nail wheel! xx

    1. Thanks Honey x I've already started painting my first wheel #saddo lol

  2. Love the look of that colour!
    And so what if the cat ring isn't authentic, every Betsey Johnson piece I've had has tarnished pretty quickly anyway to be honest :/

    1. Thanks lovely I agree I really don't see the point in spending loads on fashion jewellery as it always seems to tarnish so for £2.99 I'm a happy bunny with this x

  3. Ahh i want Peridot so badly!! I love May in the SS collection too. x


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