Thursday 9 February 2012

Pop Your Cherry With Batiste

Apologies for the slightly crass title, but I guess it's true you may not have experienced it yet but there is a new version of Batiste on the market.

I first heard of Batiste Cherry via twitter and a lovely PR company were kind enough to send me a press pack and a can to try.

The first thing you noticed about Batiste Fruity and Cheeky Cherry to give it it's full name, is the can how cute is it? In a gorgeous mint /aqua shade it's covered in a super sweet cherry design which will look great on the dressing table or on the bathroom shelf.

What about the product inside? well it does everything we've come to expect from a Batiste dry shampoo, it freshens hair, adds volume, and removes odour, but what sets Batiste Cherry apart from the rest of the range? - the smell of course.

I have a love hate relationship with cherry fragrances, cherry blossom I can cope with, cherry almond is a no no, so I was a little bit apprehensive when this came, which camp would it fall into? I needn't have worried Batiste Cherry has an amazing fresh fruity, floral fragrance which I have to say I love. Yes it's even overtaken Batiste Blush in my affections I love, love the smell, and I'd love it in a fragrance, if anyone is listening ;)

The can of Batiste would have been enough but I was also lucky enough to receive a little promotional item too,  my press pack came in a huge tube, My mums reaction was what on earth is that ? well it was this

Yes a beautiful Birdcage style umbrella by Cath Kidston at Fulton

How gorgeous is it, in keeping with the cherry theme, it's covered in a gorgeous floral and cherry print, it will definitely come in handy in the UK, the weather at the moment especially is horrid!

I adore Cath Kidston so I was absolutely thrilled to receive this surprise parcel through the post. I'd like to say a huge thank you to all those concerned, Batiste Cherry is definitely something that I will continue to purchase x Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo Retails at £2.99 For 200ml x Any questions please leave me a comment x

(All Items In This Post Were Provided By PR For Promotional / Review Purposes)


  1. I want to love the scented Batistes, but most of the time, they seem to choke me a bit and lurk around all day.
    I'm so excited that the Cherry might fix this problem! Am a big fan of Cherry for lots of other things too! Thanks for the review :-)

  2. Definitely wanna buy this batiste, love cherry smells, and your umbrella is so lovely! x

  3. I LOVE the packaging! It's so adorable! And the umbrella is lovely! I'm a sucker for fruity fragrances, I'll be sure to check it out :) xoxox

  4. I really want to get hold of some of this! I love the brolly too x


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