Friday 3 February 2012

Press Sample - Caring For Poorly Cuticles With Gwdihw - A Review For My Pure*

Whether it's down to the cold weather, or an increase in housework over the last month my hands and nails have really started to suffer - I've had horrid, sore and bleeding hang nails and cuticles, dry hands and flaking nails. I've got hand and nail growth products to try out which will hopefully make a difference but in the meantime I've been loving a product I've been trying out  for My Pure.

Based in Anglesey, North Wales, Gwdihw or in English Goody Hoo, is a fairly new brand to My Pure. Using traditional methods and local ingredients, they produce a range of natural skin balms and soothers which are all made by hand.

I decided to try their Nail Wizard Balm especially for dry flaky nails, and dry cuticles, containing just 6 ingredients including cocoa butter, beeswax, coconut and olive oils

Packaged in a sweet metal tin, the product initially appears to be quite solid, but as soon as it comes into to contact with the skin, it starts to melt - if you house is really cold though I guess you could pop the pot on the radiator for a minute or two, but I didn't have that problem

You only need a tiny little bit on each nail, as a little seems to go a long way 

It melts down into almost an oil like texture making it super easy to massage into the nails, it also surprised me by being quite quick to absorb into the skin - so your hands and fingers are never left sticky.

I have to say I've really enjoyed using this product, and I really think it's made a difference to my nails. It smells amazing and has a really fresh lemony citrus smell. You don't need a lot, it absorbs quickly, and it doesn't sting any areas of broken skin - I love it! I was previously devoted to Lush Lemony Flutter but whilst I can get my hands on this product I will never buy it again - for me Gwdihw is the way forward. Any questions please leave me a comment x As of 2021 the Gwdihw Goody Hoo Nail Wizard Balm Retails At £4.49 For 25g From My Pure x`

*Press Sample

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