Sunday 12 February 2012

Stop That Tummy Rumbling With Full Fast?

If you follow me on twitter you'll know that like several other bloggers I've started a diet. I'm trying the easy option first and I'm ploughing my way through a couple of Slim Fast shakes everyday and so far so good I've lost 8lbs in just under 4 weeks. No matter what weight loss plan your on though your always going to get hunger pangs and cravings, so when I was offered the chance to try out a product - Full Fast that claims to help you through the sticky patches by reducing the feelings of hunger I couldn't say no.

I'm not going to go to deeply into the science side of it because science and nutrition isn't my speciality, so I'll try to summarise it for you and if you want to read more about the research and so on, you can read the Full Fast website x

Unlike a lot of appetite suppressants Full Fast focuses on your brain instead of your stomach. It contains a combination of 100% natural ingredients including artichoke, centella, Taraxacum ( from the Dandelion family), Guarana (caffeine) and Griffonia. All of these ingredients help to produce Serotonin in the brain which not only produces a feeling of happiness and well being, but it's also been found to reduce hunger pangs and cravings. All you need to do is use 3 sprays, in the mouth up to 5 times a day, before or after meals.

The product comes boxed and in a white pump action dispenser, with a spray nozzle. It's obviously liquid in texture and is brownish in colour. It has a sweetish flavour with a slightly bitter after taste, it reminded me a bit of Calpol.

I've used this consistently for about 4 weeks alongside my diet plan, and I have to say I haven't noticed too much difference. I have felt a little bit bloated and I have noticed that I've needed to use the toilet more often, so I think it's doing something but I didn't think that the spray on it's own has stopped me snacking and cheating on my diet. I think this might be playing a part in my weight loss be it psychologically or physically, but I don't think it's a miracle in a bottle you still need willpower and self restraint in order to lose weight so for that reason I probably wouldn't repurchase it. Full Fast retails at £23.95 for 50ml which is one months supply and it's available from Harvey Nichols, and selected independent pharmacies. For more details on the product, how it works and to purchase online please check out the Full Fast website. Any questions please leave me a comment x

(Full Fast 50ml Was Provided By PR For Review Purposes)

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  1. So far on my diet which is pretty similar to yours (celebrity slim), I've not noticed many hunger pangs I couldn't ignore or drink away with water. I think this is a little overpriced though, I've tried to avoid looking at any diet pills or appetite suppressants, I find they made me feel more hungry haha. :)


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